Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 71

Expectation in Psychology is a belief about what will happen in the future. soul to you, hoping that you will be able to gain a glimmer of insight or hope. We all have expectations, then we panic depending on if they are high or low. Can we can meet our expectations or not? To what degree can we meet our expectations, is the glass half full or empty? I knew I would eventually get there, but my own expectations kept me frozen, on lock down. Why, you may ask? You may relate to this immobilised state in your own way. For me, I feel the biggest part is the constraints, the cage they place upon me, and on you. Now I don’t mean expectations of working your 8- hour shift, stopping at a red light; as these are more about breaking the law, injuring someone or yourself or even death; the other is if you don’t go into work, you do not get paid. What about the expectations we have of other people? What if the expectations are too high or too low, what will that mean to and/or for us? We have this internal feeling of panic, worry or anxiety. Why is this and what purpose does this serve? We are all individuals with individual differences and individual needs. Yet we still, whether or not we disclose or share those expectations, have them. What impact does that have on us and others around us? I know, for me personally this is the first time that I have had a writer’s block. Just for this article. I just struggled. I couldn’t work out why, and then it dawned on me. It was about my anxiety about you, the reader, and your expectation. I would somehow have all this magical knowledge, wisdom and information to share about expectations! What they are, what they mean, how we might handle them, how we might deal with them – yet I felt that I fell short of your expectation, as what do I know that I don’t know I am writing blind. I don’t even know my own expectations at times; they change like energy. They are situation and context dependent on how we feel at any given moment in time. So here I am, in the 11th hour, pouring out my heart and For me personally and professionally there are set expectations in delivering a Higher Education Degree. These expectations are to teach the students to a point where they are understanding the information, able to write assignments, sit exams and passing them (and hopefully to a good standard!). However, for me, I want my students to enjoy the topic, the subject, internalise it, grow, develop. Now this is not an expectation; this is a hope, a passion, a desire for all my students; this is about their personal and professional academic journey. I am sure this may sound fluffy and romantic, yet you imagine how far a person could grow and develop given an environment with hope coupled with healthy expectations. Expectations – a confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen. In case of uncertainty, we - as naive scientists (Heider, 1958) - try and make sense of our world and to reduce the Volume4 AMARANTINE 71