Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 67

be a chronic problem. Usually this is due to being too pushy or aggressive. Even if you are not unreliable or unpredictable, others may perceive you as so. A gentler touch plus a well-focused, methodical plan can help you achieve your aims. You self-sabotage by plunging ahead blindly. 1 as a DAY NUMBER You are independent, a born leader, ambitious and a high achiever. A highly original thinker with great ideas, you have the initiative to begin new things. Number 1 as Destiny Number Positive Characteristics: People born with the 1 Destiny Number are decisive and independent. They make strong and effective leaders as they are assertive, confident and perceptive. Number 1’s often reach the top in their chosen careers because they are self- motivated and focused on success. They are often of higher than average intelligence and use this to their advantage. Destiny number 1’s is strongly linked with creativity and originality. A number 1 is usually blessed with motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. They tend to be physically healthier and mentally stronger than most other people are. Your purpose is to set good examples of success through determination, and show others how to be strong. Negative Characteristics: People born with the Destiny Number 1 can tend to be self-centred and have narrow vision as a result of their self- confidence and determination to succeed. They can be rather tyrannical in their attempts to lead, and other people often regard them as domineering and dictatorial. Number 1’s are not good at negotiating and can be stubborn and co- operative. This means that, despite their confidence and ambition, they do not possess good leadership skills. Number 1’s can be their own worst enemies if they set themselves unachievable goals that cannot be met. This in turn can lead to frustration. 1 often lusts for success (especially material) at any cost. Your challenge is selfishness and ego. to curb your Number 1 as a PERSONAL YEAR Planting Seeds, Rebirth, Beginning of An Era This is a new beginning time. Embrace courage, openness, and initiate new ideas. Energy is behind you supporting new directions and self-definition, so follow your dreams and begin cultivating what really motivates you. Begin manifesting and attracting what you want into your life. Number 1 signifies taking on new challenges so don’t be afraid to extend yourself in the direction you wish to go in. You’ll be fully supported by the energies of the Universe. It is not a time Volume4 AMARANTINE 67