Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 56

Dear Iris, Although people’s private thought processes, and therefore their individual expectations, are everyone’s own responsibility, managing expectations is a rather important skill on the work floor (and can be very helpful in your private life as well!). Basically, we all manage other people’s expectations on a daily basis. Sometimes we do that in a very obvious way; by making promises. When you promise someone to do something, they will expect you to deliver on that promise. And when you don’t follow through, people will feel disappoi Y ܈ZY][][ܞKX]\HZ\^X][ۜ\H[Y] ]XY\H]XY\[H۸&]XZH[^X]Z\K[[B[]H^X][ۜˈ\\\X[HB\[و[[ۈXXKX]]˂\[^[\KY[H[^\\]H]HٙXHX\K[H[]™^X][x&[H\K[[B\\Y ܜYY \\[Y܈][ܞH[[وHY[[H\\]K[HX^H]HXYH[BZ\\H\HX\K][B]HXYH[Hۈ[HH\B[]^HX]\H]8&\[]BY[[܈YH[YKH^HX[Y[\[x&\^X][ۜX[H\˜[][X][ۋ[HYYBZ[[و]8&\[ۈ[\\›و[[ۈXXH[X][BYY\YH]\[H\B^X[H[HH\[[B]Y\[ۜ[[HYYHX\ۈ][H[ ܈[&] H[]\[MSPTSSH[YM]B\]ۘB[x&]