Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 44

together. The learning that each generation in a company has, is a two-way street. As with all mentoring programmes, it is important that both parties fully understand and agree to the ‘mentoring contract’:  Expectations must be defined. Each party involved in this mentoring partnership must be able to be clear on what they expect from this partnership agreement.  Willingness from both parties to act as the mentor, as well as the mentee. Both parties must genuinely want to share their information and learn from the other party.  Respect for the knowledge and experience that each party brings into this relationship. It is very easy to think that the other party doesn’t know as much as the first party does; but as a reverse mentoring agreement; both parties must demonstrate the respect for the other party and their knowledge and experience. Both parties have much to gain.  Trust in moving outside your own comfort zone. This relationship is a two-way street where each party has something to give, as well as something to gain. In gaining more knowledge and experience; the ‘learning’ party must trust the ‘teaching’ party to help them understand and trust that they will be pushed outside their comfort zone to try new ways of thinking and working. 44 AMARANTINE Volume4