Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 35

In any type of business, it’s important to manage your client’s expectations. As I’m in the business of coaching coaches, I will explain this from my own perspective. Client expectations are the main challenge brought to me by coaches when they have a client who is causing some problems. Usually the problems stem from a situation where the coach has one set of expectations for the coaching programme and the client has a differing set of expectations. This arises when the coach has forgotten to send out all the standard pieces of documentation such as; client contract, code of conduct for coach and client, business charter, terms and conditions, etc.). The problems seem to come from the coach not fully treating coaching as a professional business and being far too relaxed about the process. This happens when a coach handles a coaching session more like a catch-up chat rather than a fully structured business service. It is my strong recommendation that all coaches consider themselves professional business service providers from the onset. All clients must be sent contractual service agreements along with other business documentation; coaches trained by me have access to many different templates for all the types of business documentation via our coaches Achievers Club. On the diploma course I stress that all coaches must send to their clients an explicit contract which states the type of coaching programme purchased, the number and length of time of sessions, cancellation or not turning up for a session procedure, the number of emails/texts/telephone calls accepted in-between each session and all and any relevant processes or procedures discussed during the initial conversations. Volume4 AMARANTINE 35