Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 33

“Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear”. William James We create our own view of our world through our five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. In other words, through our own experiences. We are bombarded with information in every second, every minute, and every hour of every day. A lot of this information is absorbed by our unconscious mind and deleted or ignored. If we were to try and acknowledge and think about this huge level of information, we would be completely overwhelmed. For this reason, we are not even aware of our unconscious decision to delete or ignore the information. The information we select to filter, we do so with our own beliefs and values. As an example; you might select to go into a fast food restaurant for a quick meal. You may select to see this meal as an unusual treat and enjoy it. Someone else may make the same decision and feel awful, because instead of recognising this as an unusual treat and enjoying it, their view of the world makes them believe that it’s bad and that they will put on extra weight. By taking this same experience, two different people create two different views of the world: their own views. Your expectations help you to create your own view of your world. If you take the example of the person who didn’t enjoy their fast food meal, they have a belief that fast food is bad for you. They did not expect to enjoy it. Even if they enjoyed the taste, their expectation was such that they chose to create a view of the world that said that they did not enjoy it. What would happen if they were to actually admit that they had enjoyed their fast food meal? “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy …” It’s my Life (Charlie Daniels Band) Recently I was talking to someone who had just had a cataract (eye) operation. With surprise, this person turned to me and said: ‘the colour of that gas flame is not grey, but blue’. Over the years, as the eyes had deteriorated, this person had come to accept that the colour of the gas flame was grey, because it was in that person’s view of the world. This person had not expected it to be any different, and had never asked what my view of the gas flame was. Now this person knows that we had different views. It’s very easy for [H\[YH]]\[ۙB\H[YHY]وHܛ\[H]^H۸&] XX\ۈ[\]]^BYKX\Y[ X [\H[Z\ۂ^KH\YX[Y[\HX][[YY›܈Z[[KH\[YHY[\ܙ^H[YK'HܛY]\œؘXH[^\[ۈو['BZXY[][Y‘]Y[ۙH[ZH[\\[BXH\H[H[]ZY]H][]HܛK[[\\[[K\[ۈH[\ۛY[\[[N˜\\H\H[H\K][H\BYZ[][H\HX\[][H\BY[[][H\H\[][B\HX[[][H\HY[[˂\H\ۈ[H\H]B[YH8$\\H\H^H\K]^B\HYZ[]^H\HX\[]^H\HY[[]^H\H\[]^H\HX[[]^H\BY[[˂ˈYܙH[H\\H][H]Bܚ][K]\[\^X][ۈو]^B]Hܚ][˜]\Z\^X][ۈو][B]Hܚ][ \\HBX\[ۈوHܛ\Y¸'[H[ZHHH]و[K][H]وHK]\\^HܛY]˸'B]H\\•[YMSPTSSH