Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 31

I designed a lovely form with 5 sections that represent the core focus areas I want to work on, my mega goals. Each section has 5 lines with space for DONE’s. That way I make sure that I do at least one thing to further my goals each day. You can choose how many mega goals you want to have, and what those are for you. I would advise not to choose more than 5 as it becomes to unwieldy. Right now, for example, I work with 3 mega goals as each of them is very big in its own right. You can download the DONE list word document with my compliments from You can also download my mega goals setting process via that link. Figure 1: Bettina's Daily Done List I print my DONE list off. You can draw one yourself on an A4 or A5 piece of paper. You can also explore buying a specialist to do list book and repurpose that as a DONE list if you prefer. Or you can use electronic versions. I find it immensely satisfying to write done my completed actions! I write my DONE’s down with an elegant fountain pen. That makes it feel special and turns it into a small celebration. When you do these three steps every day you will see results. Don’t even look at your main to do list. If you are like me, you might even have several. Focus on one day at a time, on your expectations and activities, and only that day. Bettina Pickering © 2018 Bettina Pickering Bettina Pickering is a transformative leadership coach, entrepreneur mentor, business transformation and change consultant, author and speaker. Volume4 AMARANTINE 31