Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 22

every day. A couple of years later they needed to move house. Having sold their house, they started to pack up. He took his vision board off the wall, rolled it up and put it in the cardboard tube so that it could move with them to the new house. A lot of their cardboard boxes went into storage – the loft, the garage, etc. They were never opened. A second move. A third move. By this time, they 22 AMARANTINE Volume4 had ‘forgotten’ about their dream home. After their first move, their expectations changed to finding a home that suited their requirements. A further move and they both decided that every single box would need to be opened and decisions made. All these boxes kept moving with them and by now, many years later, they couldn’t remember what was in some of them. Over a period of time they worked through each box. He came to the