Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 21

On our early morning walk, I realised that the position of the moon was a great way to understand the perspective on EXPECTATIONS! In the early morning dawn, as we walked out the front door, the moon was clearly visible behind the house. As we walked down the track from our gate; away from the house which was behind us, the moon was visible to my right. We walked up the track towards our turn-around point and the moon was visible at all times. I turned around to get bearing on where the house was and it appeared as though the moon was moving across the sky giving us clear visibility of it all the time, but now no-where near our house. Having reached our turn-around point (at the top of the hill), on turning around the position of the moon became clear again. We stopped to get our bearings. The moon was directly in front of us. The house was down in the valley to our right. Had the moon moved? It made me realise that for each one of us, our expectations move daily! In this issue of Amarantine you will read a number of articles that will help you understand your own expectations. Whether these are your own expectations or expectations from someone/somewhere else, they are based on not only your self-belief, but also on your goals. What happens when someone challenges you about one of your goals? Often the goal will change. It may grow larger if the challenge has been ‘is that all you think you can have?’ or it may reduce if the challenge has been ‘what, that much?’. If, based on the challenge, you have looked at your goal and changed it; your expectations change. At a conference many years ago, one of the presenters was talking about achieving his goal; without actually realising it. In a magazine he had seen an article about a house. He and his wife agreed that was the house they would love to live in – their dream home. He cut out all the articles and pasted them on a vision board. He put the vision on the wall in his study and looked at it every day. Volume4 AMARANTINE 21