Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 17

energises you. Write your sentence as an affirmation. Affirmations are simply positive statements written down and regularly stated that are simple, positive statements declaring that your dream or aspiration has happened. - From your perspective. Start the sentence with ‘I’. - In the present. So write it sentence as though the dream or affirmation is happening right now in your life. i.e. ‘I have …’ and not ‘I will have …’. - Positively. Write it as though you have it now, and not from the perspective of what you don’t want in your goal or aspiration. - With belief. You know in your inner most heart that your dream or aspiration is yours! - With positive energy. You know in your inner most heart that you deserve your dream or aspiration. - With a light hearted, positive emotion. You know that in your inner most heart that this one thing will allow you to lead the life you believe you are entitled to lead. Although this may sound really simple, to support your beliefs and habits, you need to turn your affirmation(s) into a mantra. By repeating your mantra or mantras first thing in the morning, at every break, refreshment or meal, and in the evening, and as you go to bed; you will experience a change of negative habits of thinking ‘this can’t happen’ to positive habits to ‘another step and this has happened’. Mantras repeated regularly throughout the day has a profound effect on both your conscious and sub-conscious mind. Your beliefs are your foundation of your unconscious thoughts, your feelings, and your self-image. If your thoughts are generally negative thoughts, then your feelings are generally that of ‘I can’t …’ and your self-image is often a negative self-image. Your beliefs are the reason you make the decisions you make, you take the actions you take, you respond in the manner you do. So how do you move from ‘I can’t …’ to ‘I have …’? Your affirmations said (out loud or in your mind) with absolute positive belief, positive energy, and positive emotion; are one step. The research published in 2015, in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, demonstrates how affirmations can be successful. Other research though demonstrates that when an affirmation is said or thought without the belief; it can have a negative effect. If you have any questions or doubts about your affirmations, work on the reason ‘why’. Sometimes the questions or doubts come from knowing that someone may get hurt if you make this change. Sometimes the questions or doubts come from long term negative thinking or beliefs. Sometimes the questions or doubts come from not believing that you are entitled to achieve your own dreams or aspirations. Whatever the reason, until you believe in your own future, written Volume4 AMARANTINE 17