Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 14

I am at an interesting point in my life, where right now we are designing our own home. We have bought a plot of land with planning permission and are trying to work out what interior we want in our house. In doing this exercise we both have expectations. I expect to have a study that provides me with exactly what I want in terms of space and storage. My partner expects to have a garage, workshop, and study that provides him with exactly what he wants in terms of space and storage. Easy – two sets of expectations that can come together. BUT what about the rest of the house? It was only as we were pulling together outline drawings that we realised how different our own thoughts and expectations were for this house. I want something that is light and airy. My partner wants something that is light and airy, but easy to build in terms of placing windows. For me, I was letting my imagination run wild. As an engineer, he was thinking about the engineering aspect first and then the design. Although we haven’t yet got to our final plan, we both believe that we can have something that fulfils both our expectations. It's the Power of Expectation that gives us this confidence. Simply put, the Power of Expectation (or thinking about this in terms of Universal Laws, the Law of Expectation) is belief, energy, and emotion. What you ‘expect’ for your life, if you expect it with belief, positive energy, and positive emotions; you will get it. The challenge of the power of expectation comes from your own self- limiting beliefs, self-doubts, and often if 14 AMARANTINE Volume4 the expectation is not yours but someone else’s that they have ‘given’ to you. Looking back at the sentence you wrote down for your dream(s) or aspiration(s), it is important to identify whose dream or aspiration it is. If it is not yours, but someone else’s dream or aspiration for you, be clear! This will be true of business, and in some cases career goals. In the main, these goals are set by the Business Owners or Board of Directors; and are passed down through the chain of leadership to each person in the team. These type of goals are a whole different conversation, but are important to your overall expectations of you. Sometimes a dream or aspiration is a shared one. As in my case, building our own dream house is a shared aspiration. Sometimes a dream or aspiration is one which in your inner most heart you know will upset someone else, and maybe even change your relationship with one or more people. Sometimes a dream or aspiration is something you have coveted all your life, but never felt that you could achieve it, share it, have it, be it, or do it. Before we move on and talk more about the Power of Expectations, go back to the dream(s) or aspiration(s) that you wrote down; and ask yourself whose is it? - Yours only - Yours in partnership with someone else - Someone else’s, and if so, whose.