Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 13

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” Antonio Banderas As part of taking one step at a time to achievement and success, it’s important to look back and review what you’ve achieved so far and recognise how far you have come in your goal to make changes in your life. Your Journey is the topic of our conversations in this series of articles. Your Wheel of Life through your own Soul Searching helped you identify what is in your life today by creating your own life segments and where you are within those; followed by what you would like to incorporate, include, or even release from each segment. This process allowed you to start identifying what is right and what is missing from each segment of your life. By taking the three most important segments you started to become clear about your inner most dream(s) or aspiration(s). Writing down a short sentence about each dream or aspiration helps you to clarify what it is you truly want from those segments of your life. In the last issue I asked ‘If you can’t say ‘no’ to the things or circumstances or situations or people you don’t want in your life, who will?’ The reason f "fvrF&VvF0&6W72B6rRFB'F7V VW7FvfW2RFR'GVGF&VǒBBFVFgtPvBFRFW6R6vW2FRv2FRWF7V66W72( ƖfP2&vVǒGFW"`WV7FF( Ф&6PFRvW"bWV7FFFWFW&֖W0vBRfRBFvFW"ƖfRखbRWV7BF&R7V66W72Rv&RWVǒbRWV7BFfRvFvW&RFFW6RWV7FF26Pg&vFFffW&VBVPffVBW"'W7ƖfRRbFPVW7F2RfRF62( v6PWV7FF( B66FRWV7FFv2FBPvW&RFR6R2FR6BWBFP672RBFR6RW'&vrॖW"&VG2BFR6RWfV`6RF&R&RF'WvBPVVFVBRBFR6RFW&W7G2ॖRBFR6RVFW'7FFrbFPv&BW"&VG2BFR6PWV7FFbRFBFV"&VG0BbFV"FV"g&VG2fR`FV"6G&V( 2RvvWB( ( &W7VG2W3R&R7&VF&ǒ7V66W76gVB7'G3BRvFP6WFF2FW"ƖfRFW"VRfPWV7FF2bRW"( 6vf6@FW.( 2FV"vWV7FF2`RW"6G&VfRFV WV7FF2bRW"g&VG2fPFV"WV7FF2bRW"&720FV"WV7FFbRW 6VwVW2fRFV"WV7FF2`RBW2FRƗ7BvW2( `WV7FF2&RBǒW"vWV7FF2bW'6Vb'WB֗VB&RWfW'RV6^( 2WV7FF2bPFfVSB$DR