Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 11

the best thing that could have happened? Or, that you did get the outcome, but in a better way or at a better time? Limiting the outcome to one set of circumstances does not allow for factors such as: - it’s not the right time yet - something else has to happen first - something bigger and better is on its way! You will never be able to eliminate bad things from happening, but, if you sit back and wait for events to unfold, you throw yourself at the mercy of fate. The doubt that it will happen, allows the mind to dwell on and create the circumstances that will prevent it happening. happen. Go ahead and perform the action necessary to bring about the intention. You are now operating from the much higher vibrational state of anticipation. Anticipation is the knowledge that you are diligently applying the steps to design and implement your desired intention, and that there are only two possible outcomes: You get what you wanted You get something better Stop wasting your time – and your life – in fear of disappointment. Take your power back; become a ‘no- hoper’! Can you see how powerfully your words can sabotage your results? Abandon Hope! The next time you declare an intention, eliminate hope from the equation. Open your mind to the possibility that the outcome may arrive the way you want or that something better will Jenny Schmal © 2018 Jenny Schmal Jenny Schmal ASC is available for private coaching, corporate events, and can be booked as a motivational speaker. Volume4 AMARANTINE 11