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HELPING HOOK Convenience Tows Perk up! a breakdown on the road is Check out two likely the main great new benefits reason you’d for aMa plus and call for a tow premier members truck. But it’s not the only rea- son you might need one. that’s why aMa also offers convenience tows—for times that don’t explicitly involve the mech- anical failure of a vehicle. Convenience tows may be provided for circumstances YOU PICK ’EM like towing a disabled car or motorcycle (though not an rV, motorhome or trailer) from the front to the rear of your residence, or towing to a scrap yard. When you’re locked out one convenience tow is of your home, you likely covered per membership don’t want to waste time year for plus and premier comparison shopping for members. a locksmith. aMa makes the decision easier by offering reimbursement Visit an AMA centre or call for home-lockout services. 1-800-222-6400 for more info Lockout Payback SECURE DISPOSAL Shredding Events Guard against identity theft by destroying no-longer-needed personal documents at aMa shredding events. these free, member-exclusive events are held across the province every weekend in april and May. last year, 14,000 members rid themselves of 233 tons of docs, and in the process, helped us give back to the community. together, we donated 21,000 pounds of food and $217,000 to local food banks. SPEEDPASS+ APP Full Speed no matter which alberta locksmith you use, simply submit your receipt to us within 60 days of the service call and we’ll reimburse you up to $100. this benefit is available once per year for premier members only. Visit an AMA centre or call 1-800-222-6400 for more info You already earn aMa reward dollars on purchases and refills of our reload- able Esso Card. now the speedpass+ app makes it easier to buy gas and get rewards. Download it from apple’s app store or Google play, then input your re- loadable Esso Card info—and the details for your Esso Extra card too. the app can tell you the location of the nearest Esso station anywhere in Canada. Just pull in, confirm you’re at the pump and fill up. another handy feature of the re- loadable Esso Card: through your aMa online account, you can set up the card to automatically reload, so you can keep earning reward dollars without giving it a second thought. For details on 2018 events: AMA InsIder sprIng 2018 9