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inSiDer SprinG 2018 Volume 43, issue 1 Feedback at aMa, we value your thoughts. tell us what you think of the magazine or how you use your aMa membership. Drop us a line at or connect with us on social media: AlbertaMotorAssociation For enquiries: Editor-in-Chief Kellie Davenport Managing Editor Carole Stevenson-roy Associate Managing Editor tracy Hyatt Associate Editor Craig Moy Art Director Gary Davidson Associate Art Director Dan parsons AMACommunity AlbertaMotorAssociation ExperienceAMA Memorable Journey Advertising Director Brian French Advertising Account Managers andy robinson nadine Benoit Publisher Douglas Kelly Production Director Maria Mendes Production Manager Judy Strader Production Coordinator Colleen Gilroy Prepress Coordinator alexandra irving St. Joseph Media Chairman tony Gagliano President Douglas Kelly General Manager and Vice President, Finance Karl percy Vice President, Strategic Development Duncan Clark Vice President, Marketing and Production Darlene Storey Vice President, Research Clarence poirier Editorial Director, Special Projects Maryam Sanati I recently read your article, “Into Africa” (Winter 2017), and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it—as some- one who volunteered in Kenya for three weeks and experienced similar adventures. It’s been more than a year since I was there; the details of your journey and encounters with people brought back a flow of memories and reignited my inspiration. I especially loved your description about the Maasai Warriors and their initiation rituals. —Maria N., CALGARY advertising in AMA Insider does not indicate an endorsement by aMa. Giving Back ® aMarewards, aMa road reporter, aMa road reports and Driving angels are trademarks of the alberta Motor association. ® Caa, Caa plus, Caa plus rV and approved auto repair Services are trademarks owned by, and their use granted by, the Canadian automobile association. Subscription rates: Canada $19.95 per year, plus applicable taxes; outside Canada $26.95 per year, no tax. rates quoted are for non-members only. publications Mail product Sales agreement #42494512. AMA Insider Magazine is published four times per year by St. Joseph Media inc., 111 Queen Street east, Suite 320, toronto, ontario M5C 1S2, on behalf of aMa. © 2018. all rights reserved. no part of this periodical may be reproduced in any form without the consent of aMa. printed in Canada by St. Joseph printing. Big Reveals Armed with everything from gas cards to gift baskets, winter tires to a $40,000 trip to Antarctica, our 150 Member Surprises team went all out to celebrate Canada’s birthday. Over six months in 2017, AMA members were treated to awesome giveaways from AMA, working with our AMARewards partners and travel suppliers. See all the fun on our 150 Member Surprises playlist: a warm, heartfelt thank you to aMa members and employees: your generosity made our sixth-annual Fill our Fleet event a huge success! your monetary and food donations helped bring some holiday cheer to families using local food banks across the province. to date, we’ve raised nearly $443,000 and 47,494 kilo- grams of food for alberta food banks. AMA InsIder sprIng 2018 5