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Step 3: Seal the Deal Water damage can dampen any work you’ve done. Before your start, get ahead of the problem with some simple solutions. Juan E. Rojas, owner of Abalon Foundation Repairs in Calgary, offers some advice for getting your feet wet in waterproofing What causes water issues in basements? Under regular to heavy rain conditions, water damage can occur due to cracks in the foundation. If there’s a space for it to seep through, nothing is going to stop water from com- ing in. Grading, sloping and down spouts will help, but if there’s a crack on a wall, it will come in no matter what. What are the signs of water problems? Look for moisture, su lphate residue and efflorescence (a white coating) on walls, as Save with AMA AMARewards partners for reno success and savings well as wet floors. If there are below-grade windows or vents, look to make sure there’s drainage, like weep- ing tile. If new windows have been cut, check that they have proper drain- age too. When a contractor builds a bedroom in a base- ment, they usually make the window bigger, to prop- erly fit an egress window. But they sometimes forget about drainage. How can homeowners prevent water damage? The best, most compre- hensive solution would be F2 Furnishings Save 15% on regular-price merchandise; free design consultation ($500 value) to excavate outside, repair the foundation and install drainage (weeping tile). Are there any quicker fixes? If you see a small crack on a wall, apply caulking and build up the soil around the area. Make sure down Cloverdale Paint Save 30% on paint Polar Windows Save 32% on windows and doors Reliance Home Comfort, Reliance The Furnace Company Save 25% on air conditioner and furnance rentals spouts discharge water at least one to two metres away from the foundation. If you have a negative slope against the house, build it up. And a sump pump can be your best friend: It collects the water coming in from the outside. » Tile Town Save 10% on in-stock tile Just Junk Save 20% on junk removal services AMA InsIder CertaPro Painters Save 15% (February 1–28) sprIng 2018 49