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Disney Bucket List the must-rides, must-sees and must-eats 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 space Mountain (1) character dining (2) this famous ’70s coaster was devel- oped with help from a nAsA astro- naut to guar- antee thrilling blast-offs. Oh, and did we mention it’s all in the dark? sip tea with princesses in Cinderella’s royal banquet hall or join Mickey for a backyard barbecue. Meals sell out fast—pre- book with an AMA travel specialist. Stay in the Action staying at Disney is like being at a ski-in, ski- out resort. According to AMA’s Deb fong, “the majority of our clients stay at an on-resort hotel.” Aside from proximity, here are other benefits: indiana Jones Ad- venture (3) radiator springs racers (4) A riveting dark ride takes you through an Indy adven- ture. Yes, you will have to “outrun” a giant rolling boulder. A thrilling race through the world of Cars. no detail has been over- looked: It’s the “car”- toon come to life. extra Magic hours At Disneyland, on-site guests get one hour early entry to the parks in the morning; at Walt Disney World, it’s either an hour in the morning or two hours in the evening at rotating parks each day. live stage shows (5) live-action versions of films like Frozen (Disneyland) and Finding Nemo (Walt Disney World). the best part? shows are included with park entry. Kid centric Bunk beds in rooms and cartoons in the lobby are just some of the ways the hotels cater to the junior set. soarin’ Around the World (6) feel like you’re flying a hang glider across the globe thanks to 180-degree cinematog- raphy, wind, sound and even site- specific scents. Matterhorn bobsleds (7) Jedi training (8) A coaster- type ride that sends you careening down (and through) a scale model of the famed swiss Matterhorn mountain. At trials of the temple, “younglings” don a Jedi robe and get a lesson in wielding a light saber before facing off against a real-life Star Wars villain. Merch delivery Understanding that you don’t want to carry your new Chewbacca doll around all day, resort shops will send your purchases directly to your on-site hotel. lost and found Your address and cell phone number are two of the first things staff request upon check in, so that if you leave a treasured stuffy behind, they’ll return it without delay. » AMA InsIder sprIng 2018 37