AMA Insider Spring 2018 / Over 55 - Page 36

Pick Your Park not sure whether to go east or west coast? Consider this park-by-park comparison Package and Plan available Disney packages is, in the words of Mary Poppins, “Supercalifragilistic!” Finding the right one will help you make the most of your stay. Start by calling an AMA Travel counsellor: Disney has designated AMA Travel an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, thanks to our experts’ focused knowledge. Whether you’re heading to California’s Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, your specialist can recommend hotels, airport transfers, tips for ride lineups and pre-booked dining tailored to your family’s ages, interests, budget and preferred length of stay. And they don’t just talk about Disney—they’ve truly been there and done it. AMA Travel’s Deb Fong has visited Disney resorts 21 times. Her advice for structuring a day: Do your research in advance. “Use park maps (disneyworld. to plan each day’s hit-list of attractions while building in some downtime,” she says. “And bring a stroller, even for older kids. It gives them a rest and you a pla Ѽѽɔ͕ѥ)݅ѕȰ͹́չ͍ɕt()Mɥ)5M)͹居)IͽЁ]Ё͹)]ɱIͽ) ɹ=ɱɥ)eȁeȁ(Ԁ)PQ5QPɽQ́PQ5QPɽQ)ѽ͠) ͠մѽݠāѽ) ՠմ)ɕͽPͥ锁ɕͽPͥ(хɕȁѡ)ɭ̀͹居ɬ)͹ ɹ)ٕɔɬȰхɕ(Ёѡɭ̰ȁ݅ѕ)ɭ̰Ё͕̰)ݥɹ́ɕ͕ٔ)ɕ55Qd)ɕ55Qd(́ձ̰́Ʌٕ܁ձ̰́Ʌٕ)QQ5PQɥPQQ5PQɥP)5ȁͥQQ́5ȁͥQQ(̀)ݹѽݸ)͹)͹ɥ̰)͹é ɑ݅)]d]ٔP]d]ٔP)ѡݽɱéЁ͹)ɕͽаչ]Ё͹)͕́əЁ)͡еհɥ̸e׊e)ѡɥ ɕe) ѱ5ɕа)Թ̹ݥѠ)Ʌѥ́Iѽ)ɥ́Í)Յɑ́ѡ)5ͥ ɕи Ёȁȁх̰)]Ё͹]ɱéͥ)مɥ䁅́ԁѼ)ȁѥݕ)Ʌѥ́HKQ)ͥєѥ́ѡ)ɅɽՑЁѕ)Ѽ٥̸ٽɥє)Ʌѥ́͹e)-ɕ)ͅɤɬ)չ %͹d)P)յȁ