AMA Insider Spring 2018 / Over 55 - Page 26

travel intel Book it! Contact a travel specialist about AMA Travel’s upcoming escorted adventures: 1-866-667-4777 or see Groups travel intel Travel on Another Level AlbertAns hAve been turning to AMA Travel for all kinds of group getaways over the years: that destination wedding on a white-sand beach; that corporate retreat to sunny Orlando; that long- anticipated family trip to Disneyland with multiple generations in tow. But there’s also a whole other class of group trip waiting to make travel dreams come true—escorted tours and cruises, hosted by seasoned AMA Travel experts. “The people we send to escort these trips are extremely passionate about travel, and the destination,” says Roland Van Meurs, AMA Travel member services manager for St. Albert, who has been escorting groups around the world for more than a decade. While on the trip, these individuals lead each day’s activities, and help with needs and issues as they crop up. This could be anything from arranging an impromptu whale-watching tour or recommending 26 Spring 2018 AMA inSider local cafés to assisting with unexpected flight changes and medical emergencies. AMA members Elaine and Lawrence Rowan were on Van Meurs’s most recent escorted trip last fall, a Canada- New England cruise. “We’d been on non-escorted cruises before, where if we needed something we were pretty much on our own,” Elaine says. “It was really reassuring to know AMA Travel was there. It gave us a safety net if we needed some help.” Then there are the perks. AMA Travel escorted trips are typically fixed-price. They include extras—like special dinners, cocktail parties and activities—not found on other group tours. And there are always thoughtful touches you’d never expect: On the Canada-New England cruise, Van Meurs hosted a unique Canadian- inspired gathering with Tim Hortons coffee for his group. On another trip, to the Cook Islands and Tahiti, he made arrangements for a local crafts- man to create wood carvings for the participants. When a group of Albertans gets together, new friendships are likely to bloom. “It’s often the social aspect that draws people in,” Van Meurs says. “Even if the participants don’t need any of our services on a particular day, sometimes they just come by to say hi.” For those who worry about cost, escorted tours sometimes offer better value than self-planned trips. “When you’re doing it on your own, there’s a lot of work that nee HۙK[H]B\X\HX]و]\][8'B[Y]\^\ˈ8'[[[[BX܈[[H]H%[܋B][ۋX]]Y\[HZx%Hق[Y\]\۸&]X\\܈Y]\[x&]BZ\Y]ۈX[HوH[]\ܝY\[YH[XYK'BH\[X\\\وSPH\ܝY\