AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 96

Sherwood Court

The people here stumble upon the gates of heaven

dancing, discovering, and dreaming through the clouds

and together we make magical memorabilia

infinitely knowing we will never be alone

stars suffuse the domes of our intelligences

reminding us we have reflections and responsibilities

but to never neglect having something

extraordinarily wonderful to look back on

seconds keep aging

and like angels we become increasingly blessed

sacred sounds will overflow our ears

causing necks to break from the beautiful beats

the bass god creates reconciliation

among the vital forces stomping on the grounds below him

my largest organ pulsates with tiny peculiar bumps

these rhythms cause silhouettes to skip and shiver

and vision to become occupied by divine dazzle

sourcing radiance among earths family members

tonight, we become lovers

we grow into admirers for the act of living

offering unity and respect to those who walk amid us

don’t take life for granted