AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 95


Gold is the color we feel internally

as our silver souls puzzle to their homes again

forty thousand souls in fact

are feeling more than alive today

letting our inner child quiver the core of earth

some children will play

some children will float in parachutes attached to pines

the rest will dance just as the night before

for now, I am the child who lies in her hammock

letting the crisp air continue to invade my surfaces

soaking in the sun

before all the bodies illuminate beneath the moon

the winds transport us to communion

oscillating like we’re a family

our body’s beam

and we smile like it’s infectious

everything encircling us is communicable of contentment

and so, we are worthy

the stars evoke us

skip the part where we small talk each other

for this is your only life as human

speak with all of your intellectualities