AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 94

Many people who live within our society are struggling every day with mental illness. Since I was a child I have struggled myself with mental illness, including social anxiety. Over the years, I have conquered my struggles and fears little by little. But this past summer I experienced my first music festival at Electric Forest, which has greatly impacted my life. This festival brings together strangers from all over the globe, who mend into what we call a “forest family”. My forest family has reminded me of my worth, potential, and love that I have to offer in the universe. Into the Forest is a four-poem sequence expressing the love and energy I felt during the four day festival. Though not everyone attends musical events, I hope the power of love I try to convey through my words is something that every human has at least felt once in their lifetime.

Into the Forest


Nothing seeps through my shoes

dirt is drenched with tears from the sun and moon

below the rubber and reborn soul

air, crisp air, flutters the surfaces of my skin

the sun and stars accompany me with this next dance

we make the ground shake

earth vibrates to the rhythm we cry for

all the expectations have been beyond exceeded

this moment is imperfectly perfect

luminous limbs are twirling everywhere

he speaks soft words through the swaying and whirling

but his words started to saturate with violent violet

the sky delivers a refining bath of mass baptism

and we ignore his words, as he is reawakened

all of us are redeemed, or even born for the first time

the remarks he made, have been removed from our memories

because he, and all of us

are worth more than broken skin

so, we dance

our body’s ricochet, ripping grass out of the ground

we are brave

no longer do we hold onto the past