AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 72

should run, but something told her there was nowhere to go. A quick survey of her surroundings confirmed her thoughts, nothing but an empty car lot with no one in sight. The sounds of the city far off into the distance, silence everywhere.

“Hello, little lady. Sorry about that fall, but I had to take care of them right away.” He crouched in front of her and everything in her body screamed at her to flee, but she remained where she was. “But you weren’t out, were you? You were playing naptime.” He grinned a toothy smile, all his teeth filed into razor sharp fangs.

Her heart seized with fear.

“What, am I not going to learn your name?” He leaned in closer.

It was like something snapped, everything happening at once. In a bout of courage, she sprung to her feet, stumbling away from the man. The world spun around her, but she did all she could to escape. Screams ripped from her throat as the man casually walked after her, taking his time. It was like he knew she had nowhere to go, like she didn’t stand a chance.

“Come on, girl, I don’t wanna play chase. There’s nowhere to go, no one for miles.”

His words ran through her mind as she ran, stumbling over every little thing in her way. Still, she pushed forward and dashed across the street and into one of the many broken down buildings around her. Her lungs were on fire, breath coming out in harsh gasps, but she couldn’t worry about that now.

She had to run. She had to get away.

She knew what would happen if he caught up to her. She didn’t want to think about it, but somehow it kept repeating in her mind like a broken record, a mantra of a warning, a fated reality that she couldn’t - wouldn’t - let come true.

If she didn’t get away from this man, she was going to die.

Hayley Losey