AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 41

Chapter 1

The Tooth that Messed up the Morning

The school day started like any other day other day in Mrs. Apple’s third grade class. Mrs. Apple is everyone’s favorite teacher because she has a sweat voice and never gets angry. Everyone was working quietly on their morning work while Mrs. Apple prepared the next lesson, math. When all of a sudden Ellie let out a shriek!

“My tooth just fell out! My tooth just fell out of my mouth!” Ellie was holding her tooth in her hand as tears began to roll down her cheek.

Maddie, who happens to be Ellie’s twin sister, jumped out of her seat and screamed, “Mrs. Apple, Mrs. Apple! Come quick, it’s an EMERGENCY!”

“OK girls, calm down. Ellie honey, go to the bathroom and splash some water on your face. Maddie, you may go with her. I will put your tooth in a tooth saver.”

In the bathroom, Ellie just stared wide eyed in the mirror at the blank space right in the middle of her smile where her front tooth once lived.

“Wow! Ellie I bet you could eat pudding without even opening your mouth. That is so cool!”

“Maddie, that’s a great idea! Let’s try that after school! I know mom just bought chocolate pudding.”

“Man, I wish my front tooth would fall out. You always get to do the coolest things first.”

“Well, I am an entire minute older than you. That means I get to do things first.”

All of a sudden, they heard shuffling of feet and kids shouting in the hall just outside the bathroom door.

“Ellie, the bell just rang! We have to go to first recess, come on!”

“You go on ahead, I want to get my tooth from Mrs. Apple.”

Ellie ran into the classroom and went right to Mrs. Apple who was grading papers at her desk.

“Are you feeling better Ellie?”

“Yes Mrs. Apple. Do you have my tooth?”

Mrs. Apple placed Ellie’s tooth in a little pink plastic treasure chest and Ellie cupped it in her hands very gently as if it was her most prized possession.

“It is right here, now you go and put this securely in your desk so that you don’t lose it. Tonight, I bet the Tooth Fairy will leave you something under your pillow.”

Ellie put the tooth saver in the pencil tray in her desk next to her favorite eraser, the one shaped like an ice cream cone. She opened the lid to her desk three times before leaving for recess just to make sure her tooth was nice and secure.

“Ellie, your tooth will be fine” Mrs. Apple said with a smile and a chuckle. “Now you go out to recess before you run out of time to play.”

Ellie & Maddie

and the Mystery of the Missing Tooth