AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 39

the stairs. Tonight, Angelique will not only meet me but she will also meet Carry. She was number nine. Luke killed her with morphine.

Number eight was Trisha whom he drowned in the bathtub. Sarah was number seven, also a bathtub murder but with electrocution with a hair dryer. Leslie was number six and her breaks were cut causing her to drive off of a cliff. Numbers four and five, Jessica and Christine, both suffered gunshot wounds to the head. He made them look like suicides. Number three was stabbed with garden shears, her name was Vicki. Adeline was number two. She had succumbed to the rat poison in her oatmeal. And number one, well that was Christine. She was strangled with a leather belt. We all made it to our one year anniversary, and our gift from Luke was death. He buried us all in the rose garden where his father had buried all of his brides. We all live together in this old family home and we are each responsible for trying to warn the wife that comes after us. Soon, Angelique will join us. Finally, she too will understand that Luke just can’t help himself.

I can’t wait to meet number twelve!

Sandy Bechtel