AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 34

ligament in my body landed in shock. My whole body had gone from 5’7 feet tall to hitting the bare concrete with my head. That’s the day I buried the old me. The me who always seeked happiness in a guy who didn’t understand my value. I buried the old me that night and became the strong woman I always wanted to be the next. In a world full of dandelions, I was a rose and I finally understood my worth; thorns and all.

The next morning as I woke up in what felt like home, my friends were gathered around me.

“Dude, she’s alive!” joked Dalicia as the rest of the gang followed with giggles.

“You know, for a second, you looked very angelic when you didn’t say a word about him. What did you learn future psychologist?” Sam had interrupted.

“I learned to never mix wine and vodka. I am a $1,000 bottle of wine. He was a cheap $5 vodka. In other words, you can’t mix a heart of gold with an empty core; a heartless man.”

While my girls started talking about the new episode of New Girl, my phone lit up with a foreign arrangement of numbers as the subject line.


Hey, I heard what happened. Can we talk?

Me: What is there to talk about?

The tips of my fingers began to crunch as if they were reacting to endangerment and forming a fetal position. There was a pond of sorrow beginning to affect my eye sight. A drop hit the letter “L” on my phone causing me to send a double text.

Me: Love doesn’t leave. Love is precious and the only person willing to give me that is myself.

Delivered at 1:01pm.

My friends hugged me after seeing the color of relief illuminating my face as I clicked block this caller. The last tear dropping down my cheek vanished into my mouth. It was bitter, but it was finally the last tear of heartbreak.

Jessica N. Alvarado

never ever after, c