AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 32

were all characteristics I envied and lacked. Despite the fact I was smart, I wasn't as good looking as she was. Most girls aged 24 and up like ourselves would go crazy for my big, poodle-like, curly hair but I honestly hated it so bad. On our way home, Dalicia mentioned this new spot downtown that was opening.

"Hi Mom! How's it going?" blurred Dalicia.

"Hey honey. Where are you two girls headed?" questioned my mother as her deep brown eyes pierced my soul.

"We're just going to check out this new spot downtown," I confessed in a nonchalant way while adding, "It's not a big deal Mom, really."

"Yeah Mom! Don't worry. Jess and I are just gonna do some writing, and man hunting."

As I opened the door to Club 721, a strong puff from the cigarette this man had interlocked between his fingers began to sprinkle off rocks of fiery dust. It was like a small bonfire during the Fourth of July going off the tip of his cigarette. The bits of debris landed on the pool table and melted like snow, almost caving into the velvet material that held the table together. It burned. It burned like my heart did after realizing the man disappeared in the mist of smoke. I was only inches from finding out what the rest of his face looked like.

A note covered in red ribbon with the letter J appeared. It read:

J, Meet me at Club 721 tomorrow night. I thought I’d be romantic and leave this note in hopes you’d find it. See you tomorrow, beautiful. -C

"Ooh, is that a love letter?" Dalicia teased.

"Ooh, is that a booger in your hair?" I teased back not knowing whether I had just made a joke or an insult.

"Um" I nervously responded, "Let's go home now please."

That night as the wind whispered against my windowsill I couldn't help but stare at the note.

"C," I repeated to myself over, and over until I dived into a deep sleep. His initial whirled in tunnels full of hearts while I tossed myself all over my bed. His face continued to pop up. Another note appeared. This time it said something new:

J, I need to see you. -C

Ring-ring-ring-ring! My right hand slapped the pink alarm that sat at the edge of my desk. The time glowed 7:35AM. The next day felt like any other only this time it was Friday and Friday nights meant dolling ourselves up for Ladies Night. I mean, who could miss it? Ladies drank free all night until midnight, cute boys, and of course C would be there. I couldn’t wait to see him.

It was finally 9:00 PM and my ladies were arriving to pre-game and dazzle each other up.

“What’s up bitches!” screamed BriAnna as she walked in my room with a bottle of vodka. Brooke followed behind her with a white soda and chips.

“I got the chaser and snacks. I hope you aren’t allergic, Jess.” Teased Brooke.

“Ok, so who is this C character? You kept saying his name and forgot to hang the phone up while we were on video chat, loser.” Dalicia strutted in the room with a bottle of wine and gave me the look. Everyone knew when Dalicia gave us the look that it meant she was on to something.

Surprised she was smart enough to catch on to me, I blurted out, “Alright fine! I’m pretty sure Chris is trying to get me back!” The room was full of empty air. I could only imagine what they were thinking.

Sam busted the door open, “Where we at tonight, heffers?” The emptiness broke with laughter.

never ever after, c