AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 31

This short story is based on a real-life situation I had involving a relationship and my closest friends. My use of leaping is evident through the story as texts or letters between the characters appear. These were incorporated to set high tension; however, the energy aspect comes solely from the dialogue itself. These elements are important because they allow the reader to experience the story through the character and put themselves in the character’s shoes. It is essential to have a strong introduction, so my use of sensory in the beginning and the ending is evident through taste, touch, feel, and other senses.


After each sip of beer, he took, his tongue would crawl up the tip of his lips and sway slowly back and forth as if he were seducing me. My fingers trembled. An immense rush of excitement raced throughout my veins, and took hold of my heart causing it to beat faster and faster.

"Jessica?" interrupted my professor with an expression of concern, "Are you alright? You seem to have tuned yourself out after the first three words that began my lecture."

How dare he mess up the wonderful illusion of that mysterious man in my dream, and then go further on to insult me in front of the entire class? Of course, I couldn't say any of this aloud, but I could feel the crescents of my cheeks begin to boil with a light tone of crimson.

"Um, I wasn't tuned out professor. I was just trying to envision what the f---"

Thankfully, just then the bell rang dismissing us from lecture, and saving my ass from staying longer in class. I'm not even sure why I took this professor. All he did was made my life a living hell. I mean sure, it fit my schedule and the college credits I needed for graduation, but he was so lucky that bell saved my tongue. Once I set foot on the parking lot of Alverno, my veins were no longer tense. I let out a sigh of relief as Dalicia motioned me towards her car.

"Hey girl!" squealed my best-friend Dalicia. I never realized how perfect she was until I saw her from far away: short, virgin black hair, and perfect arched eyebrows. These were all characteristics I envied and lacked. Despite the fact I was smart, I wasn't as good looking as she was. Most girls aged 24 and up like ourselves would go crazy for my big, poodle-like, curly hair but I honestly hated it so bad. On our way home, Dalicia mentioned this new spot downtown that was opening.

Jessica N. Alvarado