AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 25

distraction - so he wouldn’t object to seeing them. His feet carried him out the room and into the hallway but his mind hadn’t followed. When he stepped out his emerald eyes drifted to a wooden table. Wheeling past, it seemed like a pile of linen sheets were heading to the washing room to the average eye but Marcel was anything but average; even if he hasn’t realized this fact himself. He could peek to see a tattoo under those sheets that read Selene placed on a mocha colored arm and that sent his heart plummeting.


He heard the nurse call.

“Alfie’s dead?”

Marcel hardly cried in his life. There had been few times he could recall where he did. When he realized his mother was dead, when he couldn’t go home, and when Madeline was killed. But now as tears prickled in his eyes a rage built itself inside him. It was suffocating, as if the world was spinning and he couldn’t stand straight much less grasp onto anything.

“I’m sorry…”

“You’re sorry?! Why is everyone dying?! You’re supposed to be taking care of us-”

His screams of anger were cut short as his body was jerked back by the men that glared at him earlier. A small groan left him in a near daze as he felt as if his shoulder was dislocated from the force.

“Is that what happened to Shark!? Is that why he disappeared because you all suck at your fucking job?!”

As Marcel thrashed about he felt a needle prick the side of his neck, his vision blurred as he saw the familiar face of his doctor walk up.

“Maybe we need a few more sessions.

“No! No more sessions, no more death, no more of this bullshit!”

It was like an out of body experience. He hadn’t meant to, but suddenly he found himself feeling hot all over. His body fell to the ground as those who bound him up were ripped away. He heard screams but they came as a ring in his ear. His nails scraped against the floor as he tried to sit up but a harsh pain left him crashing down to the ground at his shoulder. His eyes darted around the hall seeing it engulfed into flames. Running on adrenaline, he used the hard floors to force his shoulder back into place before getting up - the air was thick and the smoke rose from the ground. He could faintly hear patients screaming as his nurse and doctor were frantically trying to open the doors to release everyone. Marcel carried himself through the halls, his mind barely conscious as it wasn’t until he passed the glass window that he peered into the medic room. He saw his own reflection and it left him stunned.