AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 24

child to eat the disgusting mess that was baby food, but Marcel didn’t move. He didn’t show any sign of acknowledgment, he hadn’t even blinked. He only listened as the cold aluminum door scraped against the hard cement pavement as it opened. Would Serge remember him? They fought every day, surely Serge would notice if he stopped showing up. Avery might not have showed she cared but even she talked to him sometimes...but were they worth going through this hell? They’d leave him some day, but Marcel grew up here - he was never getting out. Maybe they weren’t worth it.

His eyes flickered to the limp ragdoll like body hovering over him with a small paper cup filled with pills. As his eyes shifted, he took in the elder women. Her blue eyes shined, mimicking the sea as her blonde hair rested in a bun - her hat catching any loose hairs trying to escape. She was beautiful, Marcel adored her - but he didn’t have a crush on her. If anything he saw her as his mother. Marcel couldn’t remember his parent’s faces very well but he could never forget the warmth his mother gave him. His father, well he could burn in hell. His eyes continued on to see two rather bulky males waiting by the door. He was fairly familiar with them, James and Robert. Their names hardly mattered but Marcel liked to talk so he learned them after a while. They often would be the ones to hold him down when he lost it so he could only assume that they were only here in case he got out of control.

“Marcel, you need to take these. You want to get better soon don’t you? So you can finally see the world?”

Part of him wanted to make a smart remark, what was the point of getting better when even if he got out he would have no idea where to start in this world? He wasted his youth inside of this building, he was a grown man with no concept of how the world worked because instead of learning in school he was getting his brain zapped but in the real world that was hardly an excuse, adults weren’t treated like children even if their learning experiences stopped near that age. His eyes flickered into the older woman’s eyes and his anger melted away. How could he be upset with the woman that looked so much like his mother? She reminded him of everything he now craved but lost and yet he still loved her. She was the closest thing he’d ever get to a mother.

Marcel found himself sitting up to comply to her desires, he took the cocktail of pills before swallowing them dry. He then took the cold water from her warm hands, taking a sip as he could already see her ruby mouth forming words to suggest he should stay hydrated, he could have fought against her on it but eventually he would have complied so what was the point?

“Why don’t you come out of your room? Serge and Avery are waiting for you in the sitting area.”

He nodded, his body popping like pop rocks as he stood, his feet feeling as if he were standing in needles though he was numb to the pain. Avery and Serge were a good distraction - so he wouldn’t object to seeing them. His feet carried him out the room and into the hallway but his mind hadn’t followed. When he stepped out his emerald eyes drifted to a wooden table.

Wheeling past, it seemed like a pile of linen sheets were heading to the washing room to the average eye but Marcel was anything but average; even if he hasn’t realized this fact himself. He could peek to see a tattoo under those sheets that read Selene placed on a mocha colored arm and that sent his heart plummeting.

ticking bomb