AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 23

Marcel Fleischer is a ticking bomb. After being blamed for the murder-suicide of his parents he is forced inside of an asylum where he lives majority of his life under the watch of the government that created his superhuman family. I enjoyed the change from my usual happy fairy tale like writing to the raw emotions and blunt honesty of Marcel as he comes from an extremely dark place and there’s never any telling of if he’ll truly ever leave there.



Chapter 4

Soft groans whispered through the sunken halls as high pitched shrieks came out as soft cries against the blood stained walls. Nothing could keep those sounds out, not even the heavy metal doors that littered those vacant halls. Those were the same doors that kept a wasted youth inside.

Light spilled into the room casting a ray of brightness on the once excited pair of emerald eyes. They stood out vividly against the pale skin and blonde hair of their owner. As they glittered in the sunlight, they lacked any sign of life - hope, but most importantly, they showed a tired man. Marcel hadn’t had much in life, nor did he expect much. His whole life had been in these dull walls with only his thoughts as his mind slowly decayed. At some point he wondered, if this was the rest of his life, what was the point of living? What was he holding onto? He had friends, at least he liked to think they were his friends. They weren’t always the nicest but they always seemed to look out for each other, so maybe they were family?

Would they miss him if he were gone or would they go on as if he had never existed?

“Marcel, time for your medication.”

The voice was soft, and nurturing - it called like a mother trying to persuade her child to eat the disgusting mess that was baby food, but Marcel didn’t move. He didn’t show any sign of acknowledgement, he hadn’t even blinked. He only listened as the cold aluminum door scraped against the hard cement pavement as it opened. Would Serge remember him? They fought every day, surely Serge would notice if he stopped showing up. Avery might not have showed she cared but even she talked to him sometimes...but were they worth going through this hell? They’d leave him some day, but Marcel grew up here - he was never getting out. Maybe they weren’t worth it.