AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 130

The Million Dollar Dress Poem

Sam the Poet

I am a million dollar dress.

You tried me on and thought to yourself: “GodDAMN, this dress is amazing!”

And I saw the look on your face when the inevitable truth of “there’s no way I could afford this dress” popped into your mind and honestly-

I didn’t want you to put me back on the rack.

But you did.

And I’m okay with that.

I don’t have time for your excuses. Or your indecision. Or your feelings that you won’t accept. I can wait for the person who saves up their paychecks to get this million dollar dress.

I will get that movie-like “running-through-New-York-City-Declaration-of-love” Kind of love story.

It’s okay. I’m patient.

You obviously haven’t noticed that I deserve someone who wants the whole world to know they’ve got my love.

My love can keep you warm in a cold December.

My love is not part-time.

My love can move mountains.

My love can awaken all of your senses.

My love is a force to be reckoned with.

This body is the thunder to life’s storm.

This soul sets fire to the water that tries to put me out.

This poet can write you in or out of existence.

So, please: decide what kind of poetry you want to be.

I’m a Million Dollar Dress and I don’t give a fuck about your two cents.

The Storm

Sam the Poet

I hope you think about me when it rains;

I hope you spend the rest of your life wanting a drought just so you don’t have to think about me;

I hope you want it so desperately that you move to California-

And I hope that, when you get there, the drought lets up and the first drop lands on your lips.

And I hope that-when it starts pouring-you dance.

I hope you hear our song while you dance.

I hope you remember the poetry I wrote for you and the love I made you feel and how I gave you my heart without knowing for sure that you wanted it.

I hope that you accept all that it has to offer this time.

I hope you begin chasing storms simply because it’s all you have left of me.

I hope that you never buy an umbrella again and you feel the rain with the open arms you were afraid to give me.

I hope that it gives you life and love;

I hope that it both replenishes you and destroys you-just like your love did to me.

I hope you jump in the ocean and allow it to consume you because it’s the only thing deeper than my soul.

I hope that when you’re sitting at the table talking to the new love of your life; you stop mid-conversation to listen to the thunder;

gently smiling about how the rain will soon follow.