AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 104

The New Man and His Seed

Bringing home a new man, they make plans.

A new seed takes root,

leaving me to know…HE was wanted.

The new man wears a kind smile with a disapproving gaze.

Crude, thoughtless words spill from his lips,

digging a grave for the unwanted seed.

For she was not his image of the perfect daughter.

“You fucking retard!” he bellows.

“I hate you with all of my life!”

“Take your fucking medication!”

Hollow words hit my ears,

leaving echoes behind in their wake.

Looking to the flower I call mother,

does nothing in my stead.

Alone to fight, do I grasp my sword.

“I am not a retard!” the seed shouts.

My words dismissed, by a wave of HIS hand.

For someone who has the privilege to hear,

knowingly abandons my pleas.

The new seed is loved, cherished and honored.

Left alone, is the old bitter seed rotting.

Decaying slowly, into brittle resonating shell,

do her roots shrivel.

Crumbling underneath the harsh soil,

the seed seeks refuge.