AlvernoINK Spring / Fall 2017 - Page 103

Forced Adjustments meet Bitter Choices

The buzzing bee finds himself to a pure white flower.

For the flower has been untouched and carefully tended too.

The sower stops to pluck the flower before it’s too late.

Reformed by his believable façade, does he live with the flower.

Scriptures surround my father in hopes to shield him.

For he is afraid, afraid of the unwanted seed.

Withering inside my growing seed, I fail to grow.

My mother was no longer golden while my father prospered.

Still, she danced with gold in her eyes as anger boiled inside her heart.

My father glowed in love for his family;

the family HE chose, not the one forced by his unwanted seed.

Holding onto the fake love he proclaims, a rush of sadness washes over.

Knowing we would never be, leaves the seed to tend for herself.

For he did not want to take responsibility.

“Well if you want to talk to me, you should call.”

Why should a child take the adult accountability?

“My biggest regret in life, is not finishing school.”

Shouldn’t the seed be your biggest regret?

“Now you can learn how to be better big sister.”

Can’t you learn how to be a better father?

Blindly does he look at me,

yet never truly seeing me.

For I am wicked in his eyes.

A constant reminder of what he has done.

Through never lasting trinkets does my mother give,

with little conditions attached.

“I do so much for you!” she hollers.

“You're so ungrateful!” she spat.

“I should just send you off to Puerto Rico to live with you farther! Maybe then you’ll appreciate the things I’ve done for you!” she threatens.

Never apologizing for her angry, hurtful words,

she slaughters the seed.

Broken wings will mend over time,

but the words will never go away.