Alpine, Texas Community Guide 2017 - Page 30

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Regional Parks OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Hiking and Camping Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains State Park. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Davis Mountains Preserve offer hiking, camping and backpacking. The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens near Fort Davis has four miles of hiking trails, a botanical garden, and a cactus and succulent greenhouse containing one of the largest Chihuahuan Desert cactus collections in the world. Biking The region offers some of the most scenic bicycle touring routes and challenging off road biking trails in Texas. Plan your own adventure or consult with a local guide, outfitter or ranger. Motorcycling The Big Bend region includes two of the most scenic motorcycle touring routes in Texas: the 75-mile Davis Mountains scenic loop, which follows TX 118 and TX 166; and FM 170, which parallels the Rio Grande as it weaves between Terlingua and Presidio. Bird-Watching Over 500 bird species have been recorded in the Big Bend region of the Chihuahuan Desert. Popular birding sites are Davis Mountains State Park, Chisos Basin and Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and the Post Park, south of Marathon. Jeep Tours Several area outfitters can provide an unforgettable experience of breathtaking scenery, adventurous touring, wildlife viewing, and history. Hunting The Big Bend and Davis Mountains regions are famous for exciting and challenging hunting. Several private ranches provide outfitters who can arrange everything from a fully guided h [\]H]^\H[[[H[[H[[H[YY[Y\[H[\\\B[[Y[\[[•HY[ۈ\[[\܈]X]]Y[Y]H[\\X[]Y]š\Y[X[ۈ\[\œX]Y X[ۈ]]H[\]Z\\Hۙ\&\\Z\[ۋ]8&\BYXHۈHZYY[]\HZ] XY\]\[\XH[\˂H[HXXY]˝\\Z][˘K܈ ̊B L LKYH[X\X]\XB\]H\۝Y\]\][H]H[[HK LˈY^BL[[[K]\Y[[[Z[•H[ܘ[H\[\܂Y[[[Z[ˈ]\ZY\\B]Z[XHY]]\[\[XB[YH]KYܙH[\[ۂ[\ۋۜ[][]]\܂\[\܈\[]\ۙ][ۜX\[[\Z]\]Z\[Y[˂\^[•HYY\وHY[Y[ۈ\H[[ۙH\\[B][ۋ][H\\H]Xۘ[؜\]ܞK܈\]YB[]\H[]\HXX[\X][H\^KܜXXZ[Y[•\H\H]\[]]HܜXXœY[]]\[HY[ۋYH[H[وH]\“[[Z[܈HYY\\[ۙH[ܘ[H[\[\]YH˂QSӐST[[ܚXH]H\ ^\˙݂MZ[\ܝۈ LN  M”[KXH]H܈\[^]\›\\[HY\\ [HH ܞ\[ XX\[YY]\و\›\H]܈ [\[XۚX™X[]Y\X[[\ܙY\\][˂Y[][ۘ[\˛˙݋ؚXBLZ[\]ۈ LN”\XY]X\\][\[[ۋ]ݙ\ Xܙ\Y[][ۘ[\\H\\XY\XHوHZXZX[\\[BKˈH\\ۛۈ\8'YH\š[ۙx'K]\[[[Z[\\\[][\\X[[\ۛY[[]X]Y[ۙB'Y[8'HوH[ܘ[K]X]\[H[Hٙ\HYH[Hو]]YB[YH[\[HXY\[[BYY][\XYXYY˂ ̊H LBӐHTUS™][\Y\Y[ B[[HVT[[]^\˘H[[]^\ZYKBSVH