Alpine, Texas Community Guide 2017 - Page 27

ALPINE HEALTH SERVICES SUMMARY Physicians and related health services in Alpine are summarized below. AMBULANCE Ground ambulance service stationed at Big Bend Regional Medical Center is available for local and out-of-county patient transport. Air ambulance service is also available. MAMMOGRAPHY • Desert Imaging 915-577-0100 Mobile Unit available annually, 2600 N. Hwy. 118, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS • Reliance Medical Inc. AUDIOLOGY • Randy Pat Russell, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA 800-281-7788 Sees Alpine patients three days each month at BBRMC. Visit 432-837-7455 502 E. Avenue E, MENTAL HEALTH • Permian Basin Community Center CARDIOLOGY • Dr. Fernando Boccalandro 432-337-3117 Sees Alpine patients monthly at BBRMC. Visit 432-837-5070 906 E Avenue B • Dan Petrosky, DC 432-837-1800 125 N. 6th St. DENTISTRY • Bella Dental West Texas, Dr. Elizabeth Nava • Dr. Iris V. Korus NON-EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION TRAX Transportation, a service of Big Bend Community Action Committee Inc., CHIROPRACTIC • Coggins Chiropractic • Dr. W. Jay Fielder 432-837-3373 MHMR, Early Childhood Intervention, Chemical Dependency, 805 N. 5th St. provides transportation to medical facilities within the region and to El Paso, Fort Stockton and Midland/Odessa for reasonable fees. Reservations recommended. Call 1-855-TRY-TRAX (1-855-879-8729.) OBSTETRICS • Dr. Roane McLaughlin 432-294-1555 102 N. 7th St. 432-837-5581 115 N 2nd St. 432-837-5860 2007 W. Hamlin Ave. 432-837-0430 • Big Bend Regional Health Center (see page 24) OPTOMETRY • 4i’s Optical 432-837-3699 710 E. Holland Ave. ORTHODONTICS FAMILY PRACTICE • Alpine Family Healthcare Services • Alpine Medical Center • Big Bend Family Practice • Big Bend Regional Health Center • Family Healt 6W'f6W2bP( "&6&BvV6B( "G"&B6' C3"Ӄ3rSCR6'BfRC3"Ӄ3rSSP#"&B7BC3"Ӄ3rӓp2WF7BC3"Ӄ3rC3#cwwwr&'&26УC3"Ӄ3rCSSPcRwCcӃ3ssc wF7BऄRTDU%44$R4T"4U%d4U0( "vfRRVFC3"Ӄ3rSpcRBfRwwrvfVVVF6Ю( "W'6W2VƖ֗FV@C3"Ӄ3rccBrwwwrW'6W7VƖ֗FVB6Ю( "WG&V6VF6W'f6W0C3"Ӄ3rSCS"rBfR7VFR0( "7V6RW6R26V"6VFW"V2vVV0C3"Ӄ3rSC #RR7V&72fRwwr7V6VW6VR6УC3"3c"C3s@6VW2RFVG2FǒR&B7B%DTD50( "G"'66C3"Ӄ3rC6VW2RFVG2FǒB$%$0TDE$50( "G"VFW66f C3"Ӄ3rC3( "&r&VB&VvVF6VFW"6VRvR#B$4U0( "6GG'Vr7F&PC3"Ӄ3r##S #"RfVVRPC3"Ӄ3r33( "vBG'VpSBRfVVRRwwr憖vFG'Vr6Ю( "&W67&F6C3"Ӄ3r3CRBfR5%E2TD4R$T$ĕDD( "&r&VB&VvVF66VFW"&V ( "BW&V&ƗFFb7'G2VF6R766FW0C3"Ӄ3r##C3"Ӄ3rSrw#br6VGwVFRb6&W"b6W&6RF&V7F'RDU2#