Alpine Echoes- Winter 2016 ECHOES News Mar 2017_WEB - Page 3

THOUGHTS Happy Anniversary! T hose words, cheerfully proclaimed, affirm the inevitable Joel Rude passing of time: Executive Director a mystery we are bound by, over which God is transcendent, and into which He lovingly brings His will and works. Some anniversaries commemorate events we gladly celebrate again and again. Some acknowledge life changes including loss, pain and challenge. It is good and healthy to pause, reflect and join together to re-member life’s ups and downs. It is even better to do so within the context of how our Heavenly Father demonstrates His love for us moment after moment…through people He sent and circumstances He was involved in, whether we saw it at the time or not. Alpine belongs to Jesus. Through it, He has provided more mountaintop encounters with grace and truth than we can shake a pine-tree-stick at. Once again it is time to re-join and celebrate our good, good Father and all his Son and Spirit ha HۙH[H]\و[\[BB[H\Y\\Y][X^۔Z[HB[X^۔Z[H\HX]B\]YH[X^ۈ]][H[HH[YBYH[X[ۈوXX\[۝[Y[[X]\\\[X^ۋKHY\[B\][[H][X^۔Z[H Z[K[X^ۋJK IHو[YXB\\\[Hۘ]YH\]Hو[\XKHYH\\B[][\ݚY\B[HZY^B][HH[[[X][ۈJKB[[H[H[B[]\\B][[ۈ\[HYZ[ق\[X\ MKLM Mˈ][BHYZ[و[X][ۋܚY\ܜ\ XX[[Z[K[Y[[Y\[Y\ X^XH][ܜ K[H\Y[Z][YH\[ۜو[[x&\›\ YX\H[[H\\™XYYٙ\\[]\\B][[ۈYHوY\ˈ]Y[YY[Y\[8&\ݚ\[ۂ[HH[X]H\Z][\˂B[H\H[\YYœY[\H\]˘[[KX˛ܙ܂Y\][ۈ[ܘ[H[ܛX][ۋۈHYHYK܈H]ۂ]^\Έ []\\H][[ۋXۈ]]ۈ[][ZB[HH][[ۈYKY[H\B[\\Y[[[]H[[™܈[[[وH][[ۈ[[H^KX\H۝X]\YP[[KX˛ܙ˸ ܝ[]HY[H[YB[\\\\HH[[B\[\\]K\x&\\΂K \۝Z[K[X^ۋB \H[\\[[X^ۈ\ܙ ˸ [\8'X[\ۈ\]XBHܙ[^][ۋ8'H[HX\ H\H[8'[[H[\[ۙBH\[H[\[ˋ8'H[]8'[X 'B X8'Y\˸'BK \[˂ X\H\\ܝ[]Bۈ\˂ TRS”ԐSSQQUS[\H[YKY\\\]˘[[KX˛ܙ›܈[  H L MKSSQTSUST’SH L^H[\H ܘY\ KMBSH M‘^H[\RH ܘY\ KMBSH NUܝ\YZ[ۈB[[܈YBSHKLMYSHKLM[[Y[\HH ܘY\ MBSH ML[[Y[\HRH ܘY\ MBSH L[[܈Y ’YXBSH L[[܈YRBSH PUQT [[܈Y ’YXRBSH PUQT [[Y[\HU ܘY\ MBSUS”TSPT MKLMSUTTBQRSБT LLMBY[&\]X]]]\YHܝ]]܈[XZ\ՑSPT MBY[&\]X]][۝Y’[\][ۘ[Y[[