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E ssence... CAPTURING THE (continued from page 1) Cameron Coulter Katherine, Nika and Cathy high school campers from Hope Christian Fellowship in San Gabriel: “ It feels cozy to be here…and exciting. Chapel gets us back on track – worship is energetic, and we connect better with Alpine does an awesome job each other because we are “ not all on our phones. ” of creating an environment of intimacy. They cater to the churches’ needs: while they do the big production well, they still have the ability to get to know Kassidy each group’s people and part-time personalities and to tailor their cook at Alpine: programs as needed. ” “ I know that the maintenance guys have a morning devotional, and in the kitchen, we often start out with prayer. Alpine for me is a community Rabbi Robert Bloch , leader of long-time of faith. ” guest group, Beth Shalom, a Messianic Jewish community of believers: youth pastor at Life Covenant Church in Torrance: “ ‘The Beauty of God’s Creation’…in Judaism, Theo Wilson , Youth pastor at Community Covenant Church in El Cajon: “ I continue to be impressed by the heart, mission and leadership of Alpine. They show their care about the success of the local church through intentional relationship. Their program team does a great job of providing resources prior to retreats and for follow up. ” we have a saying about the Sabbath: “The Sabbath has a flavor of Paradise about it.” In the same way, Alpine has that flavor as we close out the distractions of this world to focus on God. Our youth group loves Alpine and has for years. Every year we are amazed with God’s faithfulness, how he empowers our group to become better equipped as followers of Yeshua (Jesus). ” Ryan Tan , volunteer counselor with Radiant Ministry from Irvine Canaan Christian Community Church: “ Everything that is done here is so intentional. The speaker, games, group activities…all of it is connected and supports the theme. When you consider what we experience here, the cost is minimal. ” Erin Dougherty Associate Pastor at Clairmont Covenant Church: “ Alpine has a feeling of “home” for many of our 2 students. It is small enough that they don’t feel lost in a crowd and the campus and staff are so welcoming that students quickly settle in to a level of comfort. ”