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ALPINE ECHOES Providing a mountaintop encounter with Jesus Christ through Christian camping WINTER 2018 The Keepers OF T hey are unassuming AND highly skilled. They are behind-the-scenes AND can be quite noisy. They prevent problems AND they solve problems. Most importantly, they keep our campers safe, our ongoing maintenance up to date, and our grounds beautiful. They are Alpine’s facilities crew, and they truly are the “Keepers of Alpine.” (Left to Right) The Crew: Dane, Ben, Mike (above), Troy (below), Ken, Konnor A lpine’s 2018 Winter Camps focus on the theme of allowing God to “reorganize” our lives. In a way, we all try to organize our lives into “boxes”. We tend to think that our social life has nothing to do with our spiritual life and so forth. But, is this true? What happens when we put God inside of a box, keeping him separate from ALPINE Each day starts with a devotional. Meeting in the shop around a workbench covered with parts from current projects, both the facilities and housekeeping crews show up at 8 a.m. The devotional is read, conversation around the topic ensues, and a prayer for safety and guidance follows. Then the fun begins. On this particular day, Ben and Dane head to the Cedar Restroom remodel project, adding grout around the well-laid tile. Konnor heads out to blow the walkways free of all the pine needles and seeds that have come down during the extreme Santa Ana winds. Mike slides under Alpine’s plow truck to work on the transmission, getting it ready for winter snow removal. Troy stays in the shop to stain and varnish doors for the new bathroom remodel and Ken does his daily water level check before heading down the hill for needed parts. And the day is just getting started! everything else? How does He fit into our lives? Does He really have a place in other areas of our lives? This winter, the speakers, worship leaders, counselors and program staff are all helping campers unpack these ideas while introducing them to the unconditional love of Jesus in the beautiful and fun-filled setting at Alpine Camp.  (continued on page 2) 1