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(continued from page 1) Mike, Konnor and Ken mill lumber for projects In 2017 alone, this crew completed some major projects:   Shingled 4 roofs for Makuala cabins   Put in a laundry room in the Makuala showerhouse   Did a full remodel of Cedar bathrooms, (Phase 3)   Got the sawmill equipment up and running   Poured footings for new entrance sign   Prepped 5 camp homes for new paint and replaced siding where needed   Put in a new transmission in the ‘91 Dodge plowtruck   Rebuilt heaters for pool and installed new pool pumps   Crafted a new dish return room to the kitchen to cut down on noise and mess   Remodeled one of the Alpine Thrift Shops to open for business   Replaced and enhanced signage all over camp for Troy puts finishing touches on new directional signs for guests guests What keeps them going? Ken Polson, the Facilities Manager, has been at Alpine 16 years. “Bringing kids to Christ: that’s what motivates me. Anything we do in facilities, even the small projects, all prepare for the campers’ arrival. I don’t like to be in the limelight, which is good since so much of what we do is behind the scenes. And right now we have the best team since I started here. Everyone has a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude.” 2 Ben Bohrer likes the variety of the work. “I asked God to take me somewhere that I’m needed, and He brought me to Alpine.” He finds great satisfaction in knowing that the repairs, maintenance and updates they make to the camp help “our guests to hear and experience the gospel message without distraction.” Troy Farley’s focus revolves around “clean and beautiful” projects which include painting and refinishing along with lawn and garden upkeep. “I think I’m here to make it fun and beautiful.” Troy enjoys the work, but even more, he likes encouraging staff and campers along the way. Ben and Dane put finishing Mike Plantenga touches on the most recent Cedar Restroom remodel likes to “get it done right the first time!” Wearing shorts in almost all weather, Mike is grateful to work outside. He is a perfectionist, and His attention to detail in electrical, auto repair and carpentry are greatly appreciated by the whole crew. Dane Nissen, Alpine’s newest full-time facilities staff member, and Konnor Harriot, seasoned part-timer, round out this crew with their youth and skill: quick to learn and eager to dig in. Alpine sits on 46+ acres. There are 27 buildings (some up to 85 years old) plus numerous sheds of varying sizes. There are 4 wells on the property. Numerous trails and outdoor recreation sites dot the property. This is all under the care of these dedicated Keepers of Alpine. It also takes financial assistance from many champions of Alpine. But from this dedicated crew it takes blood, sweat, and yes even tears, to keep this place of so much ministry safe, secure and beautiful. Day to day, project to project, our Keepers of Alpine serve with the bigger picture in mind: to provide a mountaintop encounter with Jesus Christ through Christian camping.