Alpine Echoes 2017 Fall Edition

ALPINE ECHOES Providing a mountaintop encounter with Jesus Christ through Christian camping FA L L 2 0 1 7 What a , h O Su m r ! me W e are still celebrating a fruitful and dynamic 2017 summer of full-to-overflowing program camps. “Operation 490” was the theme driving each week. Based on Matthew 18: 21-22, the theme put hands and feet to Jesus’ answer to the disciples’ question on how many times to forgive someone: “70 x 7!” Yikes! Is that even possible? Well, forgiveness is a powerful action…and many campers responded in some ways. Lauren, a high school student, had been bullied by several friends who turned on her during recent years. At Alpine, the transformational message of Operation 490 took hold through the speaker, the worship and cabin discussions. Lauren made a decision on Wednesday of her week at camp to call those four former friends to forgive them. She left her message with two of those friends, and spoke directly with the other two. There was forgiveness and reconciliation that day! Lauren saw forgiveness as a first step, and planned to walk that out moving forward. Forgiveness is a crucial life lesson. For Lauren and others, the Alpine experience was the springboard for putting that lesson into action.  O ” ur future will be most fruitful if its roots are well nourished by our past.” Alpine’s 60th Anniversary Reunion and Celebration September 15–17 certainly clarified its original story through our founding fathers’ testimonies, and connected our current staff to the people who embodied its original purpose of helping churches disciple their children. Gaining insight from the past has energized the staff and supporters of the present. (continued to next page) Time to reminisce with friends from Alpine’s rich history Worship and inspiration Fun and fellowship Do you recogn ize these staff fro m 2005–2014? Over the year s, it is servant leaders like these that Alpine guests have come to love. 1