Alpine Echoes 2017 Fall Edition - Page 3

WE REMEMBER J AY CARTY came to Alpine (1975-1979) following a season with the Los Angeles Lakers and then a successful spin through the Southern California business world. Alpine experienced new growth under Jay’s guidance. Valley schools were invited up the hill so that inner-city kids could experience God’s creation as displayed at Alpine through the developing nature program under Doris Bowers. Facilities grew – the building next to the pool had burned down years before, but was rebuilt to meet the needs of the increasing population of campers and staff. However, the greatest joy for Jay and his wife, Mary, was building relationships among the camp staff. Jay took the beauty and strength of staff relationships and formed traveling groups to reach churches within the Covenant family and beyond. During these fundraising outreaches, Jay developed his testimony of faith and salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jay threw in some basketball Jay Carty stories and found that people were entertained, blessed and challenged. Thus, Jay’s next career as an author and public speaker was develop Y][[KBY^H\Hܚ][\]\H[[X[Hو[B[YXZHHܚو\BX[\YX\XKH[\XX]H[و[HB[[[]] X[ق\KX]\HY[H[]H[ ]8&\][[K^H\Y]^H[X^H M˂XXH\Y[[ܞK Sӈ\[X]HY[X\وHݙ[[[][]H܈[و\YBH[[\\ݙ[[”\Y[Bݙ[[“[۝X]ݙ[[ H]\[وX[Bݙ[[\\˜\X][ۂ][[H\›ۙH]XY\”[ۂX\ \˜H[Z[K[ \YH\\K[\ۜ[\[X][YX[H[Z[H[\][XH NM[H\\HY[\[][\][Y\ˈ[][[\YYX\HۈB[[Y\Y[ NMKBY\H\Y\[[[[[[K[]\Y[۝[YY۝X]H\H\Y[X\[\\x&\X] [X\YHܝ[]H\B\[\[H^X]]H\X܂\[ NNM[ NNMK\[\˜YZ[\]]H^\Y[H[Hۙ\[H[\YHB\]Y[H\Xܜ\ق^H\[[[]KB۝[YYHHۙ\ܝ\و[[HY\H[ݙY•H[X\[[[H\\H]\XۙYKX\[[ \˜[Hۙ[YH[[H\X\[ K[]\^H][YH L[]\\HYYX][ۈ\XB[ ˈ[YY[[X\K MXXH\Y[[ܞK8 'Sx'HUPSSPSBVP8$[ NL͋]BYHو N [HY[\ M ^\\Y\]Y\Z\ܘYˈ[[H[ۚXKB[[H\ H[[X[وH\ [[BXY[وHH\] \Y[B'\H[]Y[[H[Bܙ'H\[\X[[\B]Y\[ۈYHܛۚ[][ق[x&\\]X[YN\Xۚ][ۈق\\\\\][܈[ܙ[NM ˈHX[YHH]ZY]]\ق8&\ܘXK[]\ۈH[\[[\Y\B[ NMLK[HX\YY[H]ۋ^H\HHܙX]X[H[[][\XY\\[Hݙ[[\ ][Y^HY˜[[[\[\ˈܚ[]\^H\H[[Y[[[[[™[[[H[\[ۙ\[B[\XHY[H]Hق\YZ[\]]H[[[HX\B^\ˈH۝[YYHH[\[ۂو[[H[]\[\Έ\B[[܋\Y[X\[Y\ۛ܋[[[\ܝ[KZ][^Y\\[܋A[܈\X] [HY[YYYYH[]\H][[\\]X[YNH K\۝\[ۋH \ܚۈH[[ق[[K[H ˈH\X\Y[قU H\[X[\܈[X[YY\]Y[\ۋKB\H\[][Y[H[ܙH[]H\^\Y[B[YZ[\]]H[[\YB܈\ܞK[K]HYBو L [Y\”][܈ۈؙ\K Mˈ[B[X]H\œ]Y\[ۈ][B^K8'\B[]Y[[B[Hܙ'B’[H^X\H[B[\[[܂