ALL MODEL EVERYTHING! Issue #40 - Page 7

YOU SO MUCH DADDY!! I would like to thank my model MekDaDiva, photographers Melvin Hicks of Elite Image Studio, Jonathan Herring of Live & Direct Media Group, GSplash, Bo Mania of Bosey Wales, Andre Wiley of Trendsetta Photos, Beau Grogan of 600 Images. My Graphics Mr. Wowzers Mashan Harris & Dolo of Guerilla Mode World & several more people. And a special thanks to my new team members, my artists Face Da Truth & Nate Da Great and I REALLY WANNA SAY THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS & SUPPORTERS…I LOVE YOU ALL & THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT BELIEVEs IN ME & SUPPORTs EVERYTHING I DO!! Royalty Magazine: With Jersey being so close to New York do you feel that Jersey artists get as much recognition as New York artists? Thanks Strawberry Co-Owner of Dope Boi, Dope Gurl & Dope Kids Clothing Big Gov Mattic: Don't mix that buzinees with friendships or family, just stay focused and consistent. *Interview courtesy of Tazzy for Royalty Magazine Big Gov Mattic: We have our one or two cats that stand out in New York rap being from Jersey, but that's it. We on our own shit. Royalty Magazine: You've been in the game for a minute, what are some positive and negative changes you have seen throughout your career? Any advice to upcoming artists & producers? Royalty Magazine: Who are some of your musical influences? Big Gov Mattic: I grew up listening to Ohio Players, ParlimentFunkadelic, Al Green, BDP, PE, Rakim, Ice Cube, De La Soul, Tribe, J Dilla/Slum Village. Interview w/ Brick City Legend: Big Gov Mattic Royalty Magazine: You just recently released your project "The Colossus". Tell us your motivation behind this project and what it means to you? What are some must peep tracks? How can people cop it? Royalty Magazine: How did you get your start in music? What came first, the emceeing or the producing? Big Gov Mattic: Honestly, producing. My mom’s brought me a drum set at like 4yrs old, and in school I was always in a music class. I played flute, recorder & saxophone in the 5th & 6th grades. Royalty Magazine: With you being on both sides of the mic, how important is the relationship between the emcee & producer and vice versa? Do you prefer one over the other? Big Gov Mattic: Yes, Producing. You need the beat to rap to, lol! Big Gov Mattic: Colossus is a monumental album for me. It’s my 8th solo album. It has no features just me giving up that raw brick city funk, you can down load it on I Tunes! Royalty Magazine: What is the future of Gov Mattic? Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? Big Gov Mattic: The future of Big Gov Mattic is to make good music. I have some groups I’m bringing out on my GMP imprint thru Blingnot Media. In 10 years we will run this shit! Royalty Magazine: Upcoming music or projects we should be checking for? Big Gov Mattic: My Man RADIO973 bout to hit yall with some Royalty Magazine: Tell us what is it like being from Jersey shit. Ii have some instrumental albums I’m dropping (like 8 of them. They are done already; I’m just mastering now…and a and what is the music scene like over there? couple new joints on that new RUNT DAWG album! Big Gov Mattic: It's different now. Back in the 90s we had more original type mc! Now everybody sounds like everybody Royalty Magazine: Outside of music, what are some of your life goals? What do you like to do for fun? else. 5