ALL MODEL EVERYTHING! Issue #40 - Page 4

Cover: Porsche Fierce I AM ROYALTY Mixtape Vol I! Porsche: Hello, I am Blessed and highly favored, so everything is great! Royalty’s Triple Threat And more… Royalty Magazine: You recently won "I AM ROYALTY" 2014 model of the year. What was the experience like and did you learn anything from the competition and/or other If you would like to be a rep and/or distributor for Royalty, models? please visit us online at Porsche: Yes I did, that experience was definitely one of the or hit us up on most amazing experiences I have encountered thus far! What twitter @RoyaltyMagazine I’ve learned from this competition and/or other models is that it doesn’t matter how someone else views you. If you grind hard and go hard you definitely will come out on top. What I meant This opportunity is open to businesses, stores, labels, by that is one of the other beautiful models, I thought for sure artists, dj's, students and/or anyone looking to support a had and was going to win because I looked at her like a great cause as well as earn some extra $$$. celebrity, (shout out to Sharita Tucker). This competition showed me that I had some true ride or die fans, supporters #LetsGrow and family. Help us expand our issue! Your donation and/or sponsorship of Royalty Magazine will help with the high costs of printing up our magazine. More money = more pages, which in return equals more content as well as opportunities being provided. Donations are accepted online as well as direct mail. You can also support just by purchasing a physical copy of Royalty Magazine! Learning from other models as far as this competition was concerned was not a lot. There is only one of the other models that I personally know and she has such great sportsmanship, (shout out to Michelle Luvly). "Royalty is bringing hiphop back”.... Porsche Fierce – I AM ROYALTY Model of the Year! Royalty Magazine: In addition to model of the year, you also won contests like Mr. & Mz. Royalty and have basically been making your mark since the beginning of the whole I AM ROYALTY movement. How will you continue to use your title to help brand Royalty Magazine as well as advance in your own career? Porsche: I did win Mz Royalty as I stated previously, I surely thought one of the other models was going to win that also, because in my eyes she was well liked and established. I will continue spreading the word to artists and other models about the movement. I am Royalty supports the whole no plus size hate movement because they didn’t have standards to be a model for their company. Royalty Magazine: The I AM ROYALTY movement is all about models "Expressing Individual Beauty or Talent"...tell us, what makes you unique? What makes you stand out as a model? Name: Porsche aka Porsche Fierce Age: 31 Height: 5’7 Weight: N/A Measurements: 48-44-64 Hair Color: Dark brown Eye Color: Brown Hobbies: Modeling, community service to the youth, being an advocate for my plus size men and women, reading and mostly learning and enhancing my craft. Royalty Magazine: What’s good? How are things on your end? Porsche: I am unique because I am confident with whom I am. I believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. I believe you can be sexy no matter who you are and what society feels. I am unique because I believe that sexy is an attitude and not a size. What makes me stand out is that I am confident knowing that I am size sexy and no one can tell me different. I am who I am and I be that well & I believe in the movement, no plus size! Royalty Magazine: You are also featured in the 2015 I AM ROYALTY Calendar, the Streetz Product/Service Catalog, as well as various websites, projects and promos within the Street Thoughts & Royalty community. What else do 2