ALL MODEL EVERYTHING! Issue #40 - Page 11

expand their brand can also get featured as a model, sponsor or advertiser. For more information, please visit Double YOUR Exposure!!! Book today and enter promo code: I AM ROYALTY for a FREE MAGAZINE Feature! Hello Dr. Love, My question is kind of complicated but here we go. I work in the labor industry and in order for me to make any type of money; I have to work 50 sometimes 60+ hours a week. The problem is my wife hates the fact that I work long hours, but I am the only one working, so I need to do what I have to do to provide for my family. I love my wife, but she is constantly nagging me about how I am never home and then when I am there how I am sleeping all the time. Well I guess if I sat at home all day watching Jerry Springer (like she does), maybe I would have more energy to go out and do things with her. But honestly, I am in my 50's almost 60, I work almost every day and I'm just fucking tired by the time I get home! And to top it all off, my wife barely cooks anymore and it's been about 6 months since she let me "play in her tree house". I feel like all I can do now is work and go to sleep because all she can do is spend money and complain. What do you suggest I do? Sincerely, Over worked & Over Nagged Building an Empire Man…for those that watched the first season of “Empire”, what can I not say about this amazing show? It has plot, twist, excitement, great actors/actresses and they are dealing with real issues. With today’s market being watered down by too many fake reality shows & content with no substance, Empire is a refreshing series that captures today’s issues not only within the black community but anybody dealing with love, family, prison, depression, being gay or simply trying to build an empire! Check online or on demand for the first season! I hear that the second season will be coming September 2015. DR LOVE (Love & Advice) Dear Mr. Overworked & Nagged, First off late me state that there is nothing complicated at about your situation. You are a hard working man that provides for his family……trust me, this is not uncommon regardless of what Jerry Springer displays. Let me give you some serious advice; Women are not hard to figure out!! Yes…. I said it!! Grab your notebook and jot this down. Steve Harvey had it backwards, we must think like Women to get what we want. “Love Doctor what are you talking about” your saying to yourself. Why are you NOT getting SEX??? In her mind, she’s thinking “well if you are to tired to go out, you to tired for sex” . It’s just like the lottery, you have to play the game in order to WIN. This is what you do, whatever her favorite activity is be it dancing/bowling etc. make plans to do it at the end of one work week without telling her. Talk to her, say look sweetheart I know ive been working a lot but this Friday clear your schedule I want to make it up to you. The day before you are suppose go out take off work earlier! Say you have an emergency use a few hours leave but DO IT. Bring her, her favorite restaurants dinner and a card just saying that you appreciate all that she does. (Stop fighting me on this, im the Love Doctor for a reason! I know nothing you stated deserves this treatment but hear me out.) Once you start enjoying this meal with her, you compliment her on her looks, letting her know that throughout the years you are still as attracted to her today as you were the first time you saw her. 9