ALL MODEL EVERYTHING! Issue #40 - Page 10

three children keep me very busy with all their homework and Janelle Jewell: In my personal life, I plan on seeing all 3 of my activities; never a dull moment in my world. I did a photo shoot children graduate from high school, go to college and watch in January and am planning on doing another one soon. them follow their dreams. I would love to get married, buy my first home and start traveling the world. In my modeling life, I Royalty Magazine: You recently joined the Royalty family would love to see myself on a magazine cover, continue to gain as an I AM ROYALTY model. Tell us what does it feel like exposure being IAMROYALTY model and I hope do some print work. to be a part of the movement and having an opportunity to gain global exposure? Royalty Magazine: How do you feel communities like Janelle Jewell: Being an IAMROYALTY model is a great Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help upcoming talent honor and privilege because it lets me be me and it shows the gain exposure? Would you recommend upcoming models world that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, cultures and or artists to use our services? Why or why not? backgrounds. Being able to share my story with others and the love and support this family shows is amazing! Janelle Jewell: My thoughts on Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine as a community are nothing but positive and they are Royalty Magazine: How will you use your title to help truly a family. We support each other as a family and they definitely help you get the exposure. They showcase many brand Royalty Magazine as well as advance in your own different areas like music, modeling and small businesses. career? Janelle Jewell: I will use my title to help promote and show what an amazing family Royalty Magazine is. In doing this, I hope to show women young and old that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it starts from within. As women we need to support each other and be comfortable in our own skin. Royalty Magazine: The I AM ROYALTY movement is all about models "Expressing Individual Beauty or Talent"...tell us, what makes you unique? What makes you stand out as a model? What makes me unique as a model? Janelle Jewell: My inner sexiness; I’m a beautiful woman on the outside but I’m even sexier on the inside. My true sexiness is being an amazing mom to my three beautiful children, taking care of my responsibilities, taking accountability for all my actions, my substance, my big heart and caring nature, family values and morals. Most importantly my ability to stimulate the mind making you want to be a better person. Royalty Magazine: You are featured in the 2015 I AM ROYALTY Calendar, the Streetz Product/Service Catalog, as well as various websites and projects within the Street Thoughts & Royalty community. What else do you have popping now or in the near future? How can people check out some of your work and/or your portfolio? Janelle Jewell: I am truly honored and still in amazement to see myself in the 2015 I AM ROYALTY calendar, Streetz Product/Service Catalog as well as being on the 2014 Christmas Card. I am in the works of working on a calendar and doing some new photo shoots for 2015. I am in the works of creating a separate Facebook page for my modeling to be able to feature my work and let people see my work. I will also be working on a new picture idea for the 2015 Denver Broncos football season. Anyone interested in following me or seeing my work can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and twitter under my name Janelle Jewell. Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing or an interesting fact that you learned about the Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine community so far? What do you think about the organization as a whole? Janelle Jewell: The one thing I love about this community is what IAMROYALTY stands for which is to bring back classy, sexy, tasteful and irreplaceable content. It lets us IAMROYALTY models be us and to show you can be sexy with clothes on. Royalty Magazine: Any advice to upcoming models trying to get in the game? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven’t spoken about already? Janelle Jewell: My advice would be following your dreams no matter what. There will always be people who will dislike you and try everything in their power to stop you from following your dreams. Life is too short and you don’t want to have regrets or what if’s. Royalty Magazine: Any last comments/shot outs? Any special message to your family, friends & supporters who support you? Janelle Jewell: I want to say THANK YOU to my three beautiful (turtles) children Keith Alan, Stephanie and Jasmine… my world would not be complete without you and mommy loves you more than words could ever express! I also want to THANK my friends and family for their support!! -Remember to always Smile and stay true to yourself! *Interview courtesy of Tazzy for Royalty Magazine I AM ROYALTY Mixtape Vol I With two previous Royalty Mixtapes under our belt, the I AM Royalty Magazine: What are some of your future ROYALTY series will be the next of many mixtape installments goals? Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? to come! If you are a serious artist looking for GLOBAL EXPOSURE…submit your track today to get featured on this upcoming mixtape! Models & Entrepreneurs looking to 8