All about Venice Venice wine tasting tour

VENICE WINE TASTING TOUR Enjoy a special wine tasting in the best Venetian restaurants, wine bars or selected locations. Discover the most amazing Italian wines in a tailor-made experience that will bring you in the heart of one of the staples of the Mediterranean food culture. Learn everything about the wines from the surroundings (Valdobbiadene, Valpolicella, Vicenza, Carso/Collio, etc), or follow us in a tasty trip around Italy, touching the most famous and interesting wine regions and their unique expressions. Meet the local grape varieties, the character of natural wines, the secrets of organic and biodynamic agriculture, and everything you have always wanted to know about wine. A selected food specialities pairing, or the possibility of combining a guided wine tasting with a focused lunch or a dinner, are also available upon request. Enjoy a different Venetian experience off the beaten track. For information and reservations: To view other tours: