All about Venice Theatrical itinerary: courtesans and libertinism

THEATRICAL ITINERARY: COURTESANS AND LIBERTINISM IN VENICE This tour is a walk through small streets and squares in search of those places that tell the story of the courtesans and the libertinage in Venice. Starting from the fourteenth century until the fall of the Republic in 1797, you will discover habits, laws and curiosities related to this aspect that, among others, has contributed to make famous the Serenissima. We will tell stories of real events and anecdotes, more or less known, that, among convents and palaces, have made the history of libertinism in Venice. The narration will be alternated with the contributions of two professional actresses who will recite scenes inspired by the events described. A sort of street theater to make live and lively the narration, played with verve and humor characteristic of the best Venetian comedy. To make the most of the atmosphere and appreciate the recited parts, the itinerary takes place at night, in a Venice wrapped by the magic and mystery of its nights. The tour is being held for up to 20 people. The point of departure is in front of the Santa Lucia train station, at 20:00. The duration is approximately three hours. For information and reservations: To see all our other proposals: