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As a result, you can see that the surah “Al’Baraat” (The Immunity or Disavowal) or “Al’Tawbah” (the Repentance) is none other than a Mercy from Allah the Supreme, the Most High. Ethically speaking, Allah has revealed the relation of His dutiful servant (the Uvim / al’Mujahidun) whose Sword is al’Qur’an for their daily situations and objectives are to be implemented upon those who reject Allah (swt), His angels, His books, His prophets, His created resurrection, His created moment of judgment, oppose His established Jihad, and practice oppression on people. Therefore, the Neglectors, the Assimilators, the Separators, and the Revolutionaries who protest against (reject) righteousness of one or more of Allah Nineteen Kinetical Behaviorism Sciences – Formula (A-19KBS-F); being al’Kabbalah (the House of Allah) total being are the devils, servants of their devil friends of evil. Those who oppose al’Qur-an are against willing submissive behavior ordained as the criterion by the Law (al’Shariah) of al’Qur’an. The Qur-an is a mercy from The Merciful, The Lord of the Worlds, The Most Worshipped Master. This is one of the reasons why Allah uses His attributes within the surah “Al’Bara’at” or “Al’Tawbah” as Him being the oft-returning to Mercy, the Merciful, The Forgiving, The Compassionate. Allah is mercifulness within or near the end of the Ninth chapter, and this mercy is needed because most men have not yet come or reached the realization of Allah being The Absolute and The Power of Authority Over All Creation. As revealed, Allah respites or gives the rejecters of His Religion Islam a grace period as He does all devils with an unrealization of His Greatness of Will manifested by Allah’s Mercy; this is the limite before He chastises the rejecters of Islam. Further, Allah gives the Ultimate Valid Informed Muslims (Uvim or Muahidun) or Honorable Believers greater awareness of the evidence of His Greatness and His created worlds than others, so that the Mujahidun will never have doubt in His (Allah) al’Qur-an, with assurance, worshipping only Allah. Allah has given Mujahidun knowledge and awareness beyond man-made scholars and sages. Thus, these are some of the reasons why All Praises are due to Allah the Lord of the worlds: “No blame lies on the weak, nor on the sick, nor on those who can find nothing to spend, if they are sincere to Allah and His Messenger. There is no way (to blame) against the doers of good. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” “Nor on those to whom, when they came to thee that thou shouldst mount them, thou didst say: I cannot find that on which to mount you. They went back while their eyes overflowed with tears of grief that they could not find aught to spend.” “The way (to blame) is only against those who ask permission of thee, though they are rich. They have chosen to be with those who remained behind; and Allah has sealed their hearts, so they know not” (al’Qur-an 9:91-93). “How can there be an agreement for the idolaters with Allah and with His Messenger, except those with whom you made an agreement at the Sacred Mosque? So as long as they are true to you, be true to them. Surely Allah loves those who keep their duty.” “How (can it be)? And if they prevail against you, they respect neither ties of relationship nor covenant in your case. They would please you with their mouths while their hearts refuse; and most of them are transgressors” (al’Qur-an 9:7-8). “AL’JIHAD” or “Imam Mahdi Is Now Implementing Al’Jihad World Wide” – by, Imam Mahdi . A Text Book Guide for IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc.: © ® ™. Cheraw, SC. 29520 USA. : Of 765 + Pages Is 75