AL'JIHAD : Volume One (Book) Volume One - Page 47

confusion, of that of a human being who is caught between the awareness of sleep and wakefulness with both pulling his mind to occupy its mental spacetime. In addition, it is greater in confusion by far than insanity and sanity of the mind joined together, which leaves a person in a deep state of confusion. This is a mental vibration of the relative state of a human who wants to live but desires to die. Above all, this is the most confused passion of an uninformed human who seeks to control but cannot. Yet, the Head of Infinity, abstractly speaking, is greatest in confusion. It is a state of infinite consciousness of powerlessness to take any more forced confusion, but it continues to increase in confusion because of man’s infinite being of existence. This is known as the bearable of the unbearable by consequence. While the Chaos Head of Infinity is being pushed into a deeper reality of chose, it opens reality to the Infinite Heart. Yet, when dealing with the Heart of Infinite—we must glance at an example of its tangibleness in order to understand its abstractness. For the heart, vacancy is like the effect of dropping a human from a high building. His heart is exhausted by a deep pull of e’motion because of its relativity to the increase of speed toward the earth surface due to the force (pull) of gravity, with and even greater relativity as a 100-pound human thrown from the tallest building in the world, without a parachute or any other device to decrease his speed in consequence of gravitational-pull, with the added weight of 200 pounds of concrete molded to his feet wherein his heart is taken by fear-factor of highly increasing e’motion displayed by highly accelerated excitement of a normal uncelestial experienced human being. Consequently, the Infinite Heart of Abstractness is the greatest of terror of all hearts of creation, for this terror is an ever-increasing vacant terror, which shall be the experience of those whose destination is the Smokeless Fire of Hell. Too, it is one of many reasons why humans struggle against the evil conditioning their Nineteen Wardens. As a result, we now see the trends and routes that evilly plague the elements of the immoral being. This is the only and very reason why Allah, The God, sent between 120,000 to 240,00 Prophets-Messengers through the passage of eras for mankind, in order that genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man) strive and/or struggle to become one in harmony (Islam and Believing Muslim Mujahidun) with the Absolute Universe (Allah) through the examples of the Prophets and Messengers who were models for society. Therefore, when dealing with the Second Seal of the Mind Infinite—the Mind, it can either be in a state of Insanity or Sanity of Infinity. The Infinite Mind resulted distination solely depends on the condition of your soul. The Infinite Mind is the Seal that opens the soul to the Third Seal of E’motion Infinite—the Seal of Infinite E’motion. Section Three: E’motion of Infinity As I have previously written, there is only One Truth in all of Being or Creation developing and evolving within the mist of Unperceivable Truth. However, when experiencing the change that exists in this Truth, it is a form of being that exists and comes in the form of motion and emotion. When an existence consists of both, I use the apostrophe (‘) between the E and the M of emotion to signify E’motion. Let it be borne in mind that e’motion cannot exist without motion, whether it be tangible, abstracttangible, abstract, uncelestial or celestial of Infinite. “AL’JIHAD” or “Imam Mahdi Is Now Implementing Al’Jihad World Wide” – by, Imam Mahdi . A Text Book Guide for IMAM MAHDI, Military, Inc.: © ® ™. Cheraw, SC. 29520 USA. : Of 765 + Pages Is 47